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Some gyms no longer require the use of masks to exercise

Some gyms no longer require the use of masks to exercise

Miami Gardens, Florida. – After Gov. Ron DeSantis has lifted all local COVID-19 restrictions across the state, and some gyms are now easing their mask requirements.

Starting Thursday, all 24-hour fitness sites allow members to choose whether or not to wear masks.

A local team of 10 was at the Miami Gardens site Thursday morning and saw some people decide to keep wearing their masks.

I don’t feel threatened not to use it. I don’t feel threatened if someone else wears it, so I’ve been doing it for a long time, taking it off when I need it, and catching my breath now, and breathing really hard from exercising, so I agree with that, ” – member.

The gym manager told Local 10 that despite the change in mask requirements, they were still taking steps to prevent the spread of VOCs. “We will continue to keep them clean and well maintained. This is one of our pillars and to assure them that social distancing will continue,” said the manager They can voluntarily wear masks whether they decide to wear them or not. We have safe spaces in all facilities. ”


Despite the governor’s order, companies can still enforce their restrictions and requirements if they choose to do so.

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