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The sectors in which its managers pay the best are health, science and technology

The sectors in which its managers pay the best are health, science and technology

Sophia Solorzano C – [email protected]

The two sectors that have emerged during the pandemic are technology and health, the same sectors that currently have the best salaries For senior executives.

According to the PageGroup Economic Compensation Study for Colombia, in addition to having the highest amounts (salaries above $ 35 million), they are also the sectors that increased salaries the most in the last year.

In the case of technology, the increase will be between 20% and 25%; While in health 25%. As Beltran Benjumia, the company’s managing director, explained, this is due to the fact that it is the industries that have grown the most in recent times.

“There are sectors that have grown more, the technology sector, which is a digital sector, the health sector, the laboratory sector, and these are sectors that have invested a lot. Depending on demand, there are wage increases in some sectors more than others.

The report shows that the general manager of a health and life sciences company can receive a total salary of a minimum of $ 55 million and a maximum gross salary of up to $ 95 million; For his part, a country manager for a tech company can earn anywhere from $ 53.3 million to $ 133.3 million as a maximum gross salary.

Bin Jumaa also commented, sectors such as oil and gas; Energy and mines, under the current situation, have slightly less income; With a Qatari business developer salary for an oil company can range from $ 35 million to $ 45 million; For a banker, the number could be between $ 28 million and $ 38 million.

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Evan Daniel Jaramillo Jacir, professor and member of the Labor Observatory of the University of Del Rosario, explained that other elements that could affect managers ’remuneration are levels of responsibility Exposure to the risks and costs of their training.

“This is in relation to sectoral standards, in an unregulated context in relation to issues of maximum wages in the private sector, (with coverage limits in matters of social security) supplemented by non-salary benefit plans in order to attract human talent,” is the determinant.

PageGroup also highlighted that in addition to increasing managers’ pay, companies have focused on what is called the “emotional pay”.

“They focus on what people value now when they ask for change. For example, if the business is flexible, and you could have a hybrid job, or a mobility issue, or owning or not getting a prepaid drug, these things are valued a lot more than The reward is the same, “commented Penjumia.

Finally, the study highlighted that, after the transformation brought about by the current crisis, companies also changed their priorities when hiring employees, and began to evaluate development potential more than technical skills.

The qualities that companies look for the most
The PageGroup Economic Wage Study suggests that the main point in looking for a job opportunity is to develop and strengthen your skills.

According to the consulting firm, the most important thing for 62% of companies is employee conditioning; 28% ability to solve problems. 23% is flexible and teamwork and 21% is active communication.

Three goals stood out in the study in terms of optimal leadership: vision and clear direction of 82%. 54% innovation, 53% continuous talent investment.

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