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Oscar M. Barenich: The Pan American Health Organization: 120 years of work for health and well-being | Columnists | Opinion

Solidarity, the desire to promote well-being and development, as well as the need to unite efforts to address public health problems, were the foundation on which the International Health Office (today the Pan American Health Organization-PAHO-) was founded. 2, 1902. Ecuador was part of the process from its roots. The International Health Convention (which lasted until December 5) appointed a committee to implement this office, in which Ecuador participated.

In the first 120 years of its history, PAHO has furthered the vision of its creators. It initially focused on monitoring sanitary conditions in the ports; Investigate, control and/or eradicate disease outbreaks and diseases such as yellow fever; and promoting improved health and sanitation to eradicate infection. Currently, its technical cooperation with countries is a catalyst for public health policies and programs that have become indisputable improvements in the living conditions of the population.

Currently, its technical cooperation with countries is a catalyst for public health policies and programmes…

Member States and the PAHO can be proud of the joint work that has achieved notable achievements such as the increase in life expectancy by 45 years since 1902; eradication of smallpox, polio, rubella, and measles; Creation of the Strategic Fund and the Revolving Fund to supply quality medicines, supplies and vaccines at prices that mean significant savings for countries; lowest infant mortality rate in developing regions; increasing access to antiretroviral therapy for people living with HIV; technical cooperation to deal with various epidemics and epidemics such as HIV, AH1N1 influenza, cholera, chikungunya, Ebola, Zika and COVID-19; As well as establishing specialized centers and programs for capacity building.

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In Ecuador, the publication of the PAHO Collaboration, which is based on the best available scientific evidence, has positioned our organization as the country’s main partner in developing health policies and programmes. Thanks to the political will and decision of governments to protect the health and well-being of the people, the PAHO team in the country had the honor to collaborate – citing examples from recent years – with the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Plan. -19; Implementation of a successful vaccination plan against the same disease; strengthening the Expanded Program on Immunization; integrated surveillance for respiratory viruses; the digital agenda in health; fight against cardiovascular disease and malnutrition; Preparing and implementing the ten-year health plan that transforms the vision of public health.

There are urgent challenges and the future brings new ones, however, in appreciation of the solidarity of a country that has cooperated with our organization since its inception, the PAHO affirms its unremitting commitment to the comprehensive promotion of public health in the country and to achieving the goal of universal access to health. (also)