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Popular Dominican children begin to build their own stories

Popular Dominican children begin to build their own stories

There is no greater pride for a father than seeing his children happy and happy, and this is what happened with them Juan Luis Guerra, David Ortiz and Vladimir GuerreroWho shared the joy of seeing their children graduate from university.

Paulina Guerra, Alexandra Ortiz and Mikias Guerrero They are the children of these famous Dominicans who are starting to build their own stories.

The youngest daughter of music star Juan Luis Guerra, Paulina Guerra He graduated from the University of Berklee College of Music in BostonWhere his famous father also studied and earned a Bachelor of Music in Business Administration.

The translator of “Everything Has Its Time” did not hesitate to share this achievement by his little daughter and show how proud he is of her.

Proud of my sweet little girl graduating from Berkeley!The artist wrote, attaching a video of his 24-year-old son receiving the diploma.

It is reported that the translator of “Rosalia” was him First Dominican to study at Berklee College of Music in the 1980s and was followed by more Dominicans who attended that university.

Paulina is the Grammy Award winner’s youngest daughter, the result of his relationship with Nora Vega, with whom he also has Jean Guerra.

Juan Luis Guerra and his daughter Paulina GuerraInstagram

Immortal to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, David Ortiz He also celebrated his daughter’s graduation Alexandra Ortiz In the same university

The former American League player expressed his “proud” to watch the concert, accompanied by the song “Ocean” by Karol G. For her part, Alexandra posted a photo gallery on social media accompanied by her father, her mother, Tiffany Ortiz, and his brother. D’Angelo Ortiz.

David Ortiz and his daughter Alexandra OrtizInstagram

Another former player is very happy to celebrate too Vladimir GuerreroWho shared on his son’s social networks Mikias Guerrero I graduated in civil engineer From the State University of New York.

“Happy for you son, you worked hard and achieved your dreams of being a civil engineer. “We are very proud of you.” Posted by the Immortal Cooperstown Hall of Fame.

Vladimir Guerrero, his son and his wifeInstagram

Another issue

Dominican singer and songwriter he On Saturday, he graduated from his degree Bachelor of Music in Songwriting at the University of Berklee School of Music and was the only Creole singer to participate in the tribute to Boricua singer-songwriter Gilberto Santa Rosa, who was honored with a Ph.D.

Dominican singer and songwriter IssaExternal source

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