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Antonio Mohamed receives a fine for anti-arbitration statements

Antonio Mohamed receives a fine for anti-arbitration statements

espnOctober 2, 2023, 10:56 PM ETReading: 3 minutes.

Will America be enough to finish top of the tournament?

Mauricio Yamai analyzes whether Águilas will maintain their pace in Apertura 2023 after finishing top of the standings with a win over Pumas in the 10th round.

The Pumas coach received a penalty from the Disciplinary Committee for insulting the referee in the El Clásico Capitalino match in the tenth round.

Antonio Muhammad He got an A Economic sanctions For the statements made by Vs Control In the duel between America and Pumas From Round 10 of the 2023 inaugural tournament.

Technical for Cougars He left the Estadio Azteca field amid a fight with the team’s bench. Americawhere Mohammed He made push signals for the Agelas players.

“The Disciplinary Committee reports that it has decided to financially punish the technical director of the National University Club. Antonio Ricardo Muhammed MatijevicDuring the match and in the press conference at the end of the match corresponding to the tenth day of the Apertura 2023 MX League Championship, among American clubs And National University, maintain behavior that is detrimental to fair play, the sport and fair play in federal football in general. He also criticized the arbitration, which violates the Sanctions Regulations of the Mexican Football Federation, specifically Article 71 Subsections B and D),” the Mexican Football Federation noted in a statement.

Antonio Muhammad received a penalty for comments and gestures against the refereeing in the America vs. America match. Cougars.Getty Images

in Cougars They were already expecting some punishment Antonio MuhammadBecause of his behavior in the match against AmericaAt Azteca Stadium.

“I will not give the referee’s opinion. I think he obeys, he is someone who came to obey orders,” Al-Turki said in the press conference after the 1-0 defeat to Agilas.

The Argentine coach also sat in front of the bench Americashowing that the match was “rigged” as interpreted by the Azulcrimas footballers.

“Nothing, the match doesn’t end and he abandons his team. The game didn’t end and he was already leaving. He passes by us and gives us a signal that he pushed, fixed the match. He said: ‘It’s something strong and let’s see if there’s a video of it, I don’t know if “Something might happen.” Henry MartinThis was after winning over the university students.

The Disciplinary Committee warned the National University Club about its coach’s behavior in the future, as if his behavior is repeated, the committee may impose more severe penalties on him.

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