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Antonio Brown accuses Tom Brady of lying to him to play with a broken bone

Antonio Brown accuses Tom Brady of lying to him to play with a broken bone


After starring in the biggest scandal in the NFL of 2021, Antonio Brown attacked Tom Brady again and accused him of making him play injured and fractured his bones for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown
© Kevin C. Cox / Getty ImagesTom Brady and Antonio Brown

When it seemed that scandal Anthony Brown The dust was getting worse and soon fans would forget it NFLthe recipient posted a story on Instagram with a file Attack against pirate Tom Brady and Tampa Bay.

Brown gave up on Brady and other Buccaneers players who played for the New York Jets in NFL Week 17 2021 And speculation immediately started about why Antonio left Grid in an unexpected way.

Through an official statement, Antonio Brown Reveals His Reason For Leaving Tom Brady And The Tampa Bay Pirates During an NFL game. Show the recipient an MRI showing A bone fracture in one of his ankles. bubble! The scandal broke out and about two months later came a new attack.

Antonio Brown indicated that the pirates deliberately tried to injure him by entering the game injured. Then hit the pirate boss, bruce aresNoting that he was asked to quit the game if he couldn’t run, and finally, Tom attacked Brady by accusing him of being a liar.

Antonio Brown accuses Brady of lying to him so he could play with broken bones in the NFL

“Tom said he would throw it (the ball) if he came to play in pain, I came. He didn’t throw it away Imagine being hurt, having to play with this and lying to you too,” claimed Anthony Brown In the indictment against Brady.

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