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Andy Carpenter and other members of the Legion give their opinion on Kirol Figueroa's decision to play for the US, What did Diego Vazquez say?

Andy Carpenter and other members of the Legion give their opinion on Kirol Figueroa’s decision to play for the US, What did Diego Vazquez say?


kilothe son of the former captain of Honduras national teamMinor Figuero I decided to say yes United State To play for the under-17 team in a European Championship.

This decision Kirol Figueroa Wearing the North American shirt and not the Honduran shirt has caused a lot of controversy and some footballers on the national team have expressed their views.

The last person to talk about this topic was Andy CarpenterWhich is the biggest novelty in the list Diego Vazquez For friendly matches against Argentina and Guatemala.

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Have you had a similar situation with Kirol Figueroa. What do you think that? request to Carpenter He replied, “I think everyone is their own decisions. If he decides to play for the United States, he will have his reasons, and I congratulate him on my part because representing a country is great. Maybe one day you will have the opportunity to represent Honduras, you never know today that you are there and a good bastard. …Playing with the United States weighs heavily on your passport.”

for this part, Rommel KetoCaptain, now! national selection, He said that everyone is responsible for their own decisions.

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These are matters that he and Father (Maynor Figueroa) bear responsibility for those decisions. They’ll know why,” the Montreal striker from MLS commented.

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Kervin Aryagawho also plays for MLS, touched on the topic further.

were you surprised by it kilo? been consulted. “I was surprised based on what the father, Kabi, did for the Honduran national team. It is time to support everything else because it is decisions that are made between families,” Arriaga said.

“Luis Alvarado said he was too young to play for the under-20 team…I think age doesn’t matter if you have talent, but a teacher knows what he’s doing,” added Kervin, a former marathon player.

Have you made a good decision choosing a country in the world first Honduras? was another question for Kervin Aryaga And he said this: “I don’t know, this really goes into feeling more than one does (as a Honduran). Everyone feels proud of being Hondurans, I imagine he is the other because he has citizenship.”

Regarding Diego Vazquezcoach of the first national team Hondurasconfirms that this topic concerns more young technicians.

“In case if kilo He has lived away for a long time, this is the job of the U-20 and U-15 technicians, in this aspect we very respect the Alvarado and Canales technicians who work, and today it is up to them, in the call can be proposed, there is this and the other, but it is a decision of the technicians, and it will have to They have to talk to the player, but they have already called him from the United States, and we have to see what he wants,” Diego Vazquez said.

He is a boy who has lived abroad for so long, we will see the sense of belonging that he adopts. I don’t understand a lot of people, when there are naturalized people here, they don’t want them and when they are outside they want them, let’s agree,” commented DT Honduras.

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Finally, Joseph Rosales, another update Honduras For the matches against Argentina and Guatemala, he respected the decision Kirol Figueroa And his family.

“He’s the captain’s son, I imagine they talked as a family, made their decision and weren’t blamed for anything, no one could comment on any of that. They talked a lot and it didn’t come to you overnight.”