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Ancelotti pointed to the reason for Real Madrid’s defeat against Atletico and Luka Modric’s “arrows”.

Ancelotti pointed to the reason for Real Madrid’s defeat against Atletico and Luka Modric’s “arrows”.


Real Madrid suffered their first defeat of the season after Sunday’s 3-1 defeat in the derby against Atletico Madrid, a setback that also means a change at the top of the Spanish championship, which is now led by Barcelona and Girona, each on 16 points.

Carlo Ancelotti, the merengue coach, showed his face after the defeat and pointed to the main reason for the fall. The coach also sent an arrow to Modric, who played only 45 minutes.

Change drawing

“It didn’t change because we started with diamonds, Modric as a playmaker and two strikers. It just so happened that we didn’t start well, we didn’t defend well, we were fragile in our area. When the score was 2-0, they played the game they wanted, defended well and made quick transitions.” “In this sense, Atletico’s performance was better than us.”

Attention deficit

We have talked and we will continue to talk about it because it is an important issue. “It happened to us several times and three times we managed to come back, and today we were close to doing it as well, but 3-1 was too much and with this goal the game ended.”

The striker’s absence at eleven

“Joselu did not play at first because he wanted to control the ball more with the presence of an additional midfielder. Jude’s position did not change offensively, only defensively. But the problem was defensive fragility, which we did not suffer from in the first matches. In 45 minutes “They only scored three goals against us, the same number as in all the previous matches. We were fragile and it was not a good night and we did not defend well as usual. We were not cohesive and Atleti took advantage of that.”

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Unaccounted goal

“I didn’t watch the match, but they told me Rudiger was offside.”

Three headed goals

“The three goals were a photocopy, an open break to open up the centre-back, and we were not in a good position. We were not coherent in any of the three goals.”

Lack of purpose

“Atletico is one of the teams that defends better, not only in Spain. They are organized, strong in duels and it is not easy to find space. We looked for it from outside the area but lacked effectiveness. But I think the problem was not offensive, but defensive.” .

Kroos and Modric start

“I was trying to get more control in the middle, and also give Tshwamini, who has played a lot so far including the national team, a rest.”

Change Modric

“We are not pointing at anyone, and pointing at Modric would be too much. He did not play a good game, like his teammates, and then I looked for more height in attack to play with more positions since we were losing.”

Will you change the initial plan?

“That’s a good question. I can do better, that’s clear. When the team doesn’t do what it should, that’s my responsibility, but I have very broad shoulders, that’s no problem.”

More variables

“I’m looking at the next game. Today we didn’t do well, but not because of the drawing that won’t change. It’s a defeat that could be an opportunity to do things better in the future. We’re sad and angry, but so far we’ve done very well and we’ll continue to do well.” Extremely.

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Early goals

“It’s my fault”.

Lack of purpose

“Today Vinny couldn’t score. Rodrigo tried, but with the limited spaces it became difficult for everyone. But out of seven games we won six and scored goals. Atleti defended very well, they advanced and played the game they wanted. We tried with the quality of passing, But the fact that they had a two-goal lead at the start made the difference.