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Napoli is no longer what it was and even Osimhen missed a penalty kick

Napoli is no longer what it was and even Osimhen missed a penalty kick

Napoli This is definitely not the same team that won the Serie A title in a landslide. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia It does not upset the balance, other players have lowered their level and even the top scorer Victor Osimhen He misses penalty kicks.

The result is that the European competitor to Real Madrid will visit Maradona Stadium on October 3In their visit to Bologna (0-0), they went through their third round without a win, falling to seventh place and already 7 points behind Inter, the stubborn leader who has achieved many victories.

After losing at home to Lazio (1-2) and drawing last week away from promoted Genoa (2-2), Napoli was forced to win as Inter started Sunday with a win over Empoli (0-1). He did it with a new pair of midfielders, which he shaped Leo Ostegaard and Nathan, due to the absence of Juan Jesus and Amir Rahmani.

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But the team’s problems are increasingly coming into question Rudy Garciaget rid of Luciano Spalletti After winning the historic Serie A title, they were not on the defensive as Bologna did not put them in any trouble at any time.

Osimhen, to this position as soon as we start

Napoli’s performance was promising, as in the fourth minute, Giacomo Raspadori left Osimhen alone With a wonderful pass in a counterattack, the Nigerian finished off the post before his departure Lukáš Skorupski.

But, except on that occasion, Thiago Motta Bologna He defended himself with order and prevented Naples from creating danger. It wasn’t until just before the break Raspadori worried Skorupski With a shot from the front, it hit the crossbar.

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Very little background on a team apart from one that overwhelmed the opposition in every game with a torrent of attacking play. Kvaratskhelia, who has not registered since March, He lacks the spark and the final quirk with which he got past his markers.

The Nigerian takes a penalty kick

Before being substituted, the Georgian passed only once, in the 69th minute, over the baseline, and his low cross ended in a penalty kick, at the request of the VAR, when he lost the ball. On the arm of Riccardo Calafiore when he was falling in a fight with Osimhen. The Nigerian wasted a great opportunity to put his team ahead by taking the maximum penalty kick (71).

Rudi Garcia also ended up replacing Osimhen, He clearly protested his decision to his coach while leaving the field. An image that will get people talking in Italy and reflects that things are not going well in Naples at the beginning of the league.

Poland: Skorupski; Bosch (De Silvestri, 10), Biokema, Lucumi (Calafiori, 66), Christiansen; Früler Aebischer (Orsolini, 82 minutes); Dan Ndoye (Sailmakers, 65), Lewis Ferguson, Karlsson (Azzouzi, 82); Zarkazi

Naples: Merit; Di Lorenzo, Ostegaard, Nathan, Oliveira (Mario Rui, 46′); Zambo Anguissa, Lobotka (Gio Simeone, 86′), Zielinski; Raspadori (Politano, 67), Osimhen (Ktrabajo, 86), Kvaratskhelia (Elmas, 76).

Referee: Giovanni Airoldi. Yellow card for Oliveira (6), Aebischer (30), Lobotka (49), Kvaratskhelia (53), Dan Ndoye (55), Skorupski (72), Freuler (81), Politano (81). Mario Rui (94′)

Stadium: Renato Dallara

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