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Motagua saves painful draw against Vida in La Ceiba and semi-finalists will be decided in Tegucigalpa-Diez

Motagua saves painful draw against Vida in La Ceiba and semi-finalists will be decided in Tegucigalpa-Diez

Minute by minute from IDA REPECHAJE VIDA VS. Motagua

game over: Vida and Motagua tied 1-1 at Sibino in the first leg of the qualifiers.

90 ‘ The referee indicates 4 minutes of substitution at the Sibiu Stadium.

86 ‘ Vega served it to Moncada who took an unstoppable left foot for Pippo Lopez.

GOOOOOOL OF MOTAGUA! Jesse Moncada in 86 match tied 1-1 life.

Bebo growing up! Center to the right, and Vega connects to Roberto Lopez’s headdresses, and the shot is left to Omar Elver who took a shot and “Pepo” with the cats’ reactions to contain it. Life saves at age 84.

They change in Life: Edson Palacios goes for Carlos Argueta in the 83rd minute

They change in Life: Eduardo Rivera enters ngel Tejeda in the 81st minute.

searching for! Marco Vega’s shot from the right side is high. Motagua keeps pressure at 80.

Changes to Motagua: Marco Vega and Evan Lopez entered Gonzalo Klossner and Matthias Galvaliz in the minute. 75.

71 ‘ A corner kick in favor of Motagua. Motagua squeezed everything in search of the tie.

66 ‘ Walter Martinez foul against Carlos Arguita near the center of the field. Coconut trees look good.

Changes to Motagua: Jesse Moncada and Walter Martinez enter Carlos Fernandez and Sergio Peña at age 65.

Change in life: Michael Rosales enters instead of Roger Sanders, who leaves the injured person in the 63rd minute.

61 ‘ A corner kick in favor of Motagua. Galvalise is preparing to collect her.

Yellow To Luis Palma for taking off his shirt during the celebration.

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56 ‘ The ball is in the space of Alexandre Aguilar, Palma between three defenders who fall in front of Rogier, pull out a hat and then take the ball into the net.

GOOOOOOOOOLAZO LIFE! In the 56th minute, Luis Palma scored a 1-0 victory over Motagua.

searching for! Horacio Arguita manages to leave Juan Pablo Montes on the right to send a post across the area if no one from Vida can close. Motagua was rescued at the age of 52.

Abroad! Pereira leaves it to Moma, who has a wide shot from the front. Motagua tries it in 49.

Corner kick 48 & # 39; In favor of Motagua, which was paid by Galvaliz in the near post of Elver.

The second part begins! Life 0-0 Motagua at Sibiu Stadium.

Change in Motagua: Omar Alvear enters Wesly Decas.

Finish Part One! Vida and Mutagua draw 0-0 at Nacional in a duel with no apparent danger.

45 ‘ The referee indicates two minutes of substitution at Sibiu Stadium.

searching for! Central Christopher Melendez on the right that Galvalise uncomfortably straps and sends him. Life saves at 44.

42 ‘ Wrong against Juan Delgado in the hurricane zone. Revolutions of both groups remain low.

36 ‘ A corner kick in favor of Vida, which is charged by Palma at grass level, and it remains for Alexander Aguilar, who shoots the ball outside.

searching for! District center that forces Roberto “Bebo” Lopez out and remove his fists. But the referee’s whistles charged the goalkeeper in the 35th minute.

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Yellow Carlos Arguita Del Veda foul against Moreira in the 34th minute.

30 ‘ Luis Palma in control of the ball ends up. Send the ball outside and get medical attention.

28 ‘ Moma Fernandes won the right winger and sent a cross from Sanders into a corner.

25 ‘ The referee refers to a hydration break at the Cipino stadium.

24 ‘ Geoffrey Flores misses Christopher Melendez near the band. A free kick in favor of Motagua.

19 ‘ A corner kick in favor of Motagua. Galizaliz is preparing to collect it.

19 ‘ The filtered ball for Palma, but the streak whistled forward.

17 ‘ “Momma” Fernandez tried to escape on the right, but the young Sanders disarmed.

13 ‘ Throw in to Motagua. Meléndez is already charging and the Cyclone touches the ball, trying to prepare an attack.

7 ‘ Roberto Moreira is downed by “Mango” Sanchez and claimed an apparent criminal error. But referee Orlando Hernandez said please!

3 ‘ An attacking error by Luis Palma against “Moma” Fernandez. Last time, Roger had to leave the area and clear the ball.

Begins! Life vs. Motagua in the first leg of the Clausura 2021 Qualifiers.

3 o’clock A minute of silence in memory of coach Chelato Uchlis, who died Wednesday at the age of 80.

2:59 pm The players of both teams are already on the field. It is at this time that the field draw is performed.

2:50 pm Vida and Motagua finished warming up in the locker rooms. Soon they are leaving to start the agreed match at 3:06 PM.

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11 from life: Roberto Lopez, Carlos Sanchez, Carlos Melendez, Jose Velasquez Colon, Carlos Arguita, Geoffrey Flores, Roger Sander, Oliver Morazan, Alexander Aguilar, Louis Palma and Angel Tejeda. DT: Fernando Mira.

Alternatives to coconut trees: Christian Arloyaf, Brian Bernards, Michael Rosales, Danilo Palacios, Luis Melende, Michael Pavon, Lemberth Perez, Axel Padilla, Eduardo Rivera and Dyron Suazo.

11 Motagua: Jonathan Rogier, Juan Pablo Montes, Marcelo Pereira, Wesley Decas, Christopher Melendez, Juan Delgado, Sergio Peña, Carlos Fernandez, Matthias Galvaliz, Roberto Moreira and Gonzalo Clusiner. DT: Diego Vasquez.

Blue Bank: Marlon Leona, Fabricio Galindo, Jose Villafranca, Omar Elver, Renner Mayrquen, Jesse Moncada, Evan Lopez, Walter Martinez, Marco Vega, Jonathan Nunez, Diego Rodriguez and Byron Mendes.

3:30 PM Welcome to the minute by minute of the first leg of the qualifiers between Vida and Motagua at the Sibeno Stadium.