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How rich is the Inter Miami star?

How rich is the Inter Miami star?

Lionel Messian Argentine-born football legend, widely regarded as One of the best players in the history of this sport.

Starting in 2024, Messi’s estimated net worth is $650 millionWhich reflects his lasting success on and off the field.

Messi’s beginnings and economic milestones

Messi’s journey to becoming a football icon began in… F.C.BWhere he started playing as a teenager.

During his two decades at the club, he scored an incredible number of goals 672 goals in 778 matches.

His impressive performance earned him Eight Ballon d’Or awardsand cemented his reputation as the best men’s football player in the world.

In August 2021, Messi moved to… Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Before making his final move to Inter Miami In 2023.

The trailer for “Messi World Cup, Rise of a Legend” is here

The trailer for “Messi World Cup, Rise of a Legend” is here

Messi’s impressive net worth is the result of a combination of lucrative contracts and major endorsement deals.

While playing for Barcelona, ​​Messi signed a record-breaking contract in 2017, where he received… The average base salary is $168 million per year.

Even before joining Multilateral His annual earnings were boosted by about $40 million from sponsorships, bringing his total annual income to about $40 million. 200 million dollars.

In 2023, Messi made headlines with his historic move to Inter Miami, the team owned by the English football legend. David Beckham.

The deal reportedly offers Messi a salary of €100 million $1.03 million per weekalso $54 million annuallyfor four years.

This contract also includes a revenue sharing agreement with Apple, associated with subscriptions to MLS Season Passwhich further improves your profits.

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Messi’s endorsements and business projects

In addition to his salary from football, Messi has built a significant portion of his wealth through endorsements.

He was a prominent face Adidas company Since 2006, after he left Nike At the age of 14.

His lifetime contract with Adidas includes an exclusive shoe collection and his own sub-brand, Adidas Messi.

Additionally, a leaked contract from June 2023 revealed that Messi signed a three-year contract, worth up to $25 million, to promote tourism in Saudi Arabia.

Last week, Messi announced that he would launch a sports drink brand called… “More+”.

The drink is said to contain a blend of electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants, with natural flavors and no artificial sweeteners or colours.

The new brand also boasts that its drinks contain just 10 calories per 16.9-ounce bottle.

One of the advertised flavors is called… “Miami Punch”A tribute to Messi’s current club.