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Formidable stick!  It was Kano's brother's first house working as a professional

Formidable stick! It was Kano’s brother’s first house working as a professional

The son of a cat catches a mouse, at least that is the saying when father and son do a similar activity. In this case, it was Robinson Kano’s brother that started to give blows too far in MLB Level 1 Formative Baseball for Latin America.

Gregory Kanothe younger brother of a Dominican baseball legend, hit his first hit from four corners in the Dominican Summer League. It is the first stop for players who have just signed up for the baseball franchise Specialties.

Kano sent a ball to the left side of the field in what unleashed The joy of his coaches and teammates When you imagine that a “minor” has the wood needed to be able to continue to grow and pursue a dream to be The new major league to dominican republic.

baseball player Born in San Pedro de Macorís in 2004 He has a hitting average of 245, 15 RBI and just 4 single hits..

It should be noted that in baseball Dominican Summer League It’s not common Watch many matches due to the huge world of baseball players that must be trained within the games.

In general, the statistics go into the background and are just a reference for overall growth for the player.

Home run!

your way Robinson Kano About his brother in Major League Baseball is that this He started his sports career when Gregory was only one year old.

Former player in New York Yankees, Seattle Mariners, New York Mets, San Diego Padres, Atlanta Braves Considered one of the best waiters in Quisqueyan From all times Despite his banned substance scandals, he was out of play in the 2001 season.

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Gregory Cano finally joined the Canadian organization September 20 After signing with those from the north From the continent in which he seeks keep growing As a baseball player.

According to the journalist Im RivasKano conquered a title for some 350 thousand US dollars It aims to be one The third strongest player the organization In about 4-6 years.

So far Gregory Kano He played shortstop, first hot corner rule.