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America makes the arrival of Fernando Madrigal official as a boost for Apertura 2021

America makes the arrival of Fernando Madrigal official as a boost for Apertura 2021

America announced its second founding in Apertura 2021, with the arrival of Fernando Madrigal from Queretaro.

America has officially presented the arrival of Fernando Madrigal as a boost for Apertura 2021, minutes after Queretaro announced the departure of the midfielder with a final message: “America and that’s it.”

Querétaro said goodbye to the player to make way for USA, which marks the feathered team’s second signature for the 2021 Apertura, after Miguel Laine was announced a few days ago.

Los Gallos thanked the footballer and through a video clip announced that the footballer will be a member of the Coapa team.

In the video you can see how “Madrigal” takes over the computer of the person in charge of social networks and writes “America and Now”.

In the same way they referred to the player. “Thank you, because you always give your everything on the field.”

The 29-year-old footballer works as a containment center or mediator, a position currently held by Pedro Aquino at azulcrema.

Madrigal played for teams such as Atlético de San Luis, Mineros de Zacatecas, Pachuca, Albrigues de Oaxaca and Leon.

It’s a dream that Solari will drive me

Fernando Madrigal He talked about his arrival at the feathered painting and assured that he would wear USA It’s the most important moment of his career, to the point of suggesting that he has the same level of nerves as when he started playing on a professional level.

“The nerves were like when I started playing football, because I didn’t go to any club, but to the biggest club in Mexico. I want to go over and not reach and say ‘I already did it.’ So much commitment to the people who gave me, who support me and the fans .

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In the same way, he was positive and stated “I am sure that things will go well for me, because I am dedicated. I consider myself a person and a player who does my best and has a lot of commitment to the club and with this shirt I will do my best.”

Madrigal said he feels lucky that Santiago Solari is directed by, who admired him when the Argentine was a Real Madrid player in the time of “Galacticos”.

“Since I was a little kid I was a madridista, I had to be part of the galacticos team and now that I’m driving this is a dream. If they asked me a year or two ago if I would be from USA And his leadership by Solari was not something credible, but now it is a privilege and a huge opportunity, because in addition to being a great footballer, what he has done as a coach is a privilege, and I will learn from him,” he told Azulcrima.