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America vs.  Cruz Azul: The rent of the box exceeds 400 thousand pesos

America vs. Cruz Azul: The rent of the box exceeds 400 thousand pesos

Fans planning to go to Azteca on Sunday can rent an exclusive space for nearly half a million pesos

Mexico – Ambient Forecast Final closing 2024 between Blue cross And America Obviously rent boxes to duel back in Aztec Stadium Exceeds 400 thousand pesos.

Members Blue cross And America They have the option of watching the final duel for the title Mexican League From the comfort of the box located in Aztecsafter spending an amount of approximately half a million pesos, a cost that will allow the entry of up to thirteen people next Sunday.

Specialized portal Studybox Boxes or individual tickets are available for the exclusive area mentioned. The most expensive space currently costs P468,000, is located on the third floor of the North Zone and allows thirteen fans.

A box priced at 429,000 pesos is also offered, located on Level 3 in the Eastern Province, with the same capacity, thirteen fans. If you don’t go in a group, you can purchase an individual seat in a box starting at 22,000 pesos.

When arriving at the seating areas, prices range from 15,000 pesos to 40,000 at the kiosks.

The first leg between the two teams will be held next Thursday Blue cross And America at the Ciudad de los Deportes stadium, while the 2024 Clausura champion will be known on Sunday at the Azteca Stadium. The Eagles will be seeking their 15th title, while the Heavenly Stars will be seeking their 10th.