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America 0-0 goals Atlas, summary, controversy and video

America 0-0 goals Atlas, summary, controversy and video

Take a look at the best events in today’s match between America and Atlas, in the opening round of the 2022 Mexican Football League.

America was not able to break through the defensive barrier of the Atlas.
© picture 7America was not able to break through the defensive barrier of the Atlas.

America He started his journey today Inaugural Championship 2022 subordinate MX . League Receiving the hero twice, atlas, at the Azteca Stadium. Both clubs promise to be champions this semester, but tonight they failed to hurt Negative tie.

During the first minutes of the first half, Roger Martinez was the most determined player Of the vultures, but he wasn’t sure when it came to the definition. Unfortunately, his performance was short-lived due to a infection.

For the supplemental part, Fernando Ortiz’s team was the team that tried to get on the scoreboard, but Camilo Vargas rose as a hero On two occasions. In the end, Ochoa rose to prominence to save Team Azulcrema from defeat. With this score, those from Coapa added their first point of the competition. then in huge eagles We present to you all Videos, actions and highlights from the meeting.

America vs. Today’s Atlas: Review, Objectives, and Summary

Ready-to-wear at AZTEC

The blue cream has arrived at home

Official eleventh from America

Atlas alignment

Roger almost made us shriek with emotion

LAYN shots inside the area


Another Cantrano for the court

Iker Moreno loses the first eagle

Eight and save who saves points

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