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Checo will start fourth at the British Grand Prix.  Sainz takes the first half

Checo will start fourth at the British Grand Prix. Sainz takes the first half

Carlos Sainzsubordinate Scuderia FerrariI managed to end the domination Max VerstappenFrom Red Bull, on the last lap of Q3; In this way, he achieved his first goal 1st place in Formula 1, As in the 2022 season. Tomorrow Sunday, it will start first in British Grand PrixOn the tenth date the bell.

While VerstappenWho is on top Global Drivers Rankinghe would start in second place by not being able to maintain his millimeter handling, just on his last breath, when he was overtaken by the Iberian.

In the second line, they will come out Charles Leclerc s Sergio “Chico” Perez, in third and fourth places. The guy from Guadalajara wasn’t too confident on the track, although he was more than he was in Friday’s tests, but that was enough to get him the lead. Lewis HamiltonFrom mercedesWho is a local in this GP.

Mad Max takes Q1

to me x 1where the cut-off is only five, since the first 15 passes, the crazy max He was the one who showed he was the fastest, so he slipped to the top.

Meanwhile, Ferrari with Leclerc He lent it and was the third George Russellas a representative of the home team; Fourth was Sainz and fifth was Hamilton.

in case if Czechthis can sneak into like VIafter in Practice 3 was the second. This note has been disastrous many times Nicholas LatifiBecause the Canadian – the sweeping itself – succeeded in that Williams The last ticket.

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Latife is on another level

Latifi, who adapted to the rain, was a character Qualitybecause he also scratched the asphalt, he slipped at the tenth rank of Q 3.

And at the top with the above Equally lordly, he entered first and was succeeded by Hamilton, Leclerc and Saenz; Perezalthough it wasn’t as easy as he would have liked, he at least managed to slip into eighth, cross the limit and then close out fourth at the start.