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The new squad that America will send against Atlas, including the youth squad

The new squad that America will send against Atlas, including the youth squad

Saturday 02 July 2022

The America Club will face tonight atlas What will be the first appearance of some renewed the Eagles Who will try to start with the right foot Opening 2022. The appearance of three new reinforcements was enough to excite a section of fans blue creambut it seems hard to be ready to see the action in these early days, so Fernando Ortiz I decided to use two local players who were champions recently under 20.

it’s about Emilio Lara and Roman Martinezwho will line up as a central defender at his side Sebastian Caceres And as a central attacker. Let’s remember that during pre-season AmericaThe young striker was one of the most applauded by the fans blue creamimmediately compared with Raul Jimenez. put to Federico Vinas and Henry Martin for the first time in MX . League It is a bath of humility with the attackers who have positioned themselves thanks to the hierarchy.

Can Lara and Martinez remain as beginners in America?

It is clear that canteranos positions can be used from the following days Nestor Araujo and Jonathan RodriguezSo it seems difficult for the youngsters to hold the position for the rest of the competition. Either way, it’s important to watch the minutes on MX . Leagueapplies to regular changes and competition with another unified group.

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