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Amaury Vergara appears at PSV facilities

Amaury Vergara appears at PSV facilities

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The owner of the Guadalajara complex made a trip to Holland to meet with filmmakers who had already set foot in Aztec land.

© Photo 7What was Amaury Vergara doing at PSV Eindhoven’s facilities?

A few weeks ago, the agreement between Dutch club Guadalajara and PSV Eindhoven was officially announced To share the working methodology, as well as institutional players and coaches, for which the owner of Guadalajara, Amaury Vergara traveled to Europe to see the facilities and pay for the visit What the Tulip leaders did during the Clasico Tapatio against Atlas.

The owner of the Holy Herd exchanged views with his counterparts from the Dutch national team With the intent to implement many aspects that also made the agricultural team successful, which are among the most important in her country due to the good work with the young football players, One of the main weapons that seek to distinguish the administration of Jorge Vergara’s son.

In the Sancadilla column from Grupo Reforma Some details of the voyage made by Amaury have been shown, without ruling out that in the future Alexis Vega He fulfills his dream of playing in Europe in this Dutch club, Once his contract renewal becomes official, it’s closer than ever It may be announced prior to the Repechage match against UNAM Pumas.

PSV Eindhoven may be the fate of Alexis Vega

Amore Vergara went to Holland to see the Dutch team’s facilities We compliment the visit they received in the previous weeks in Birla Tabatia. The idea is to share methodologies and then there will be an exchange of institutional trainers, why not? Of the red and white players. So do not forget that PSV has a hand in the sale or transfer of football players abroad and that this agreement could be a factor in closing the deal. Alexis Vega renovated so as not to leave Chivas empty-handed,” It was part of what the mysterious character posted.

vote Would you like to see Alexis Vega in the future with PSV?

Would you like to see Alexis Vega in the future with PSV?

I don’t know, better in another club

I don’t care, there was a lot of begging

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We must remember that Guadalajara lived nine months waiting for the final decision to be made by Alexis Vega about his future, However, in recent days, negotiations have progressed so much that the striker remains at rojiblanco and It has the facilities to travel to the old continent when there is a specific offer.

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