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Alejandro Sanz and Rachel Valdes ended the relationship after three years

Alejandro Sanz and Rachel Valdes ended the relationship after three years

Singer Alejandro Sanz will appeal His tour is on Saturday He lives with a concert in the Spanish city of Pamplona, ​​after he announced on social media that he was going through a personal crisis a few days ago.

“I’m not okay. I don’t know if it helps but I want to say it. I’m sad and tired (…) sometimes I don’t even want to be there,” he noted May 27 on Twitter, a message that alarmed thousands of people. His followers, though, days later he qualified so though, “The never-ending light is coming, it seems like a firefly has awakened in my chest.”

The Spanish singer wrote, “I went wild this weekend, and although the light isn’t over yet, it seems like a firefly has woken up in my chest. I don’t want to put the tour on hold,” the artist wrote.

“I don’t want to put the tour on hold because I believe that with the right help and a little bit of understanding and support in shows, we’ll get it done. I also think locking myself up is not a good idea,” he notes in his writing.

This year’s international tour by Alejandro Sanz has already visited Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina, gathering a total of more than 250,000 visitors.

After passing through Pamplona, ​​the Tour He lives It will continue through several Spanish cities, including Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Malaga, Valencia or Alicante.

“Thank you for the warmth. Let’s go tomorrow. The sun is on its way,” he concludes, for which he has already received countless signs of support.

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Paparazzi Jordi Martin recently revealed that Alejandro Sanz has been cheated on, which has caused the artist to post these disturbing messages on social media.

Alejandro Sanz is having a bad time. This topic has never been explained before and it comes to me from a source very close to him. Alejandro Sanz was cheated, a close friend of his cheated on him, A very confident person who put all their faith in him to organize the tour for him a year and a half ago in the US,” said Martin.

punch to the heart

This Saturday, June 3, special news for magazine Welcome!And Singer Alejandro Sanz 54 years old and Cuban artist Rachel Valdes, 33 years old They ended their relationship after three years.

The Spanish media highlighted that they had serious problems and disagreements that led them to an end. Valdés took all of his belongings into the house he shared with Sanz in Madrid.

They met in 2019 and their relationship began three months after Sanz ended up with Raquel Pereira, a decade-long relationship. With Pereira they had two children, Dylan and Alma.

Presently, neither of them has confirmed the news on their social networks.