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WWE Smackdown Report 6/2 – Just Sikoa attacks Jimmy Uso in celebration of Roman Reigns

WWE Smackdown Report 6/2 – Just Sikoa attacks Jimmy Uso in celebration of Roman Reigns


The night began with a video package showcasing the reign of the Roman chief of tribes, the Thousand Days.

Already in the ring, Austin Theory welcomed the show To tell people that today they not only have the privilege of seeing Raines celebrate 1,000 days, but they also have to celebrate having the greatest US hero of all time: Austin Theory. Next, the theory will invite the Pretty Deadly to the ring; However, when they tried to speak, The Brawling Brutes quickly interrupted them, so the battle would begin:

Austin Theory and Pretty Deadly defeated The Brawling Brutes

He defeated OC Hit Row

Backstage, Paul Heyman asked Solo Sequa To ensure that this night was special for the reign of Roman, that is, to drive away Ussus. In addition, Paul asked Adam Pearce to increase security in the ring.

Grayson Waller introduced the effect of Grayson Waller with Asuka as a special guest. After looking back on her victory at Night of Champions, Asuka said that no one would ever take that title away from her. However, first Iyo Sky, followed by Bayley, Shotzi, Lacey Evans and Zelina Vega were interrupting and starting to say how they are going to win MITB to overthrow Asuka.

The champion would leave the ring only to be attacked by former champion Bianca Belair until several referees separated them.

Zelina Vega defeated Lacey Evans To qualify for MITB

– In another fight in the MITB Qualifiers, LA Knight defeated Montez Ford

– Triple H arrived in the ring to start celebrating 1,000 days as Roman Reigns World Champion. After an introduction on how Reigns lives WWE history, the tribal leader will arrive in the ring accompanied by Solo Sekua and Paul Heyman to receive a standing ovation from the crowd. As if that weren’t enough, the game will tell him he has something for him: a new World Championship

However, after Reigns lifted the new title and asked the universe to acknowledge it, the Usos would arrive to disrupt the celebration. Roman will have J kick his brother just as Jimmy kicked him. However, he would tell Jimmy Raines that he was the one who attacked him because it was time he couldn’t see how Roman mistreated J, and it was time for him to act like a real brother. The Usos Solo would tell Sekua that he’s his brother too, and Reigns asked him which side he’s on. I would just say he recognizes the chief of the tribe but surprisingly he would pass by the Usos as they are his brothers

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With the three brothers facing Reigns, they’ll tell him they can still fix things and rule SmackDown together again, however, they can no longer live under Reigns’ mistreatment. The clan chief, on the verge of tears, would embrace Jimmy in what appeared to be the union of The Bloodline…but of course, it was all a trap, because Reigns would decline the offer and then Solo Sikoa would give Jimmy a Samoan Spike to let him out and leave the ring with the clan chief, thus confirming the chapter finale for The Bloodline to close it.