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The question about the lack of diversity in his new film made actor Mads Mikkelsen uncomfortable

The question about the lack of diversity in his new film made actor Mads Mikkelsen uncomfortable

The question about diversity that made actor Mads Mikkelsen uncomfortable and his answer on “The Promised Land” (Twitter: @THR)

Mads MikkelsenThe main character in the movie “Promised Land”She had an awkward moment with the film director Nikolai Arcel During a press conference.

A Danish journalist who was present in the room asked a question about: diversity In the production team, which consists mainly of people from White race.

“that it Danish production with an entirely Nordic cast And therefore, Lacks some variety, you can say. There are new rules in Hollywood…”, referring to the new sector law that determines the works nominated for it Best Picture at the Academy Awards They must meet certain requirements.

The journalist pointed out that the lack of diversity might disqualify the film from the Best Picture category at the Academy Awards.

As the Academy committee set last May, the new representation and inclusion standards stipulate that at least one of the principal actors — or significant supporting roles — or 30 percent of the total supporting roles must correspond to underrepresented racial or ethnic groups. This only applies to films nominated for Best Picture.

This new standard will come into effect next year – and therefore applies to film released this year – and seeks to promote equality and diversity on and off screen.

The question surprised the actor, who could not hide it with his face, so the journalist interrupted: “where are you going?”.

“It’s not for artistic reasons, it’s because of the lack of diversity… Are you worried (that I won’t be able to compete in this award category)?“The journalist, once again faced with an acidic reaction from the actor, insisted: “Are you worried? You are targeting us so answer the question.”.

Arcel explained that minorities are included to the extent that history allows (Reuters)

Immediately the manager intervened and spoke. Arcel explained why most of the actors were white, even though he pointed this out Minorities are also included, to the extent history permits..

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“We have one Great plot about a black girl being subjected to racism. Maybe at that time He was the only colored person in all of DenmarkHe explained and added: “This was not something we thought about… “I think it would be a bit strange, that’s how it was in the 1750s.”.

“The Promised Land” is a historical drama based on the novel “The Captain and Anne Barbara” by Ida Giessen, inspired by Captain Ludwig Kahlin, which premiered August 31 at the Venice Film Festival.

Mikkelsen plays an army captain 18th century Which struggles to raise its social status and preserve its values, in an increasingly hostile climate.

Promised Land Trailer

For this reason, the characters who accompany him are mostly white, although there is a minority, as the director explained, which is consistent with the times.

Actors who are part of this production include Amanda Colleen, Simon Benberg, Melina Hagberg and Kristen Kujath.