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Anita shocks her fans with a thin thread that disappears in her ass

Anita shocks her fans with a thin thread that disappears in her ass

Anita He recently admitted that after touring Europe he started feeling bad, and between his diagnosis and treatment, he said he rarely went out for half a year. But from the hospital he started planning what he wanted for “A Favela Love Story”, a collection of songs with which he wanted to make the beginning of his career known to the world. But this time, it was not his illness that shocked his fans, but rather his recent photos that he posted on Instagram. On this occasion, the young woman of Brazilian origin appeared Her back curves in a bold way. crossed Using a strip of cloth, the artist exposed her buttocks without any censorship. The photo was a continuation of a group of photos in which he reviews different moments of his life. In the following photos, Anita shared the spotlight with her adorable pets, showing a softer, more familial side. As presented in Side influencer Lily PonsWhich adds a touch of brilliance and friendship to the session.

So far, the number of likes has reached more than one and a half million, a number that is constantly increasing. “You break everything”, “What a way to seduce us”, “You drive us crazy”, say some of the texts that can be read in the comments section.

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