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“Last night the manicurist visited me to make me look beautiful.”

“Last night the manicurist visited me to make me look beautiful.”

Cuban singer Eduardo Antonio He is still showing signs of recovery after the emergency surgery he underwent in recent days.

“The manicurist visited me last night to make me look pretty after I left the hospital. I’m already recovering, thank God.”can be read this Saturday on their social networks.

“A diva is a diva, even in intensive care.”The famous artist added with a photo in which he appears receiving manicure services.

Immediately, dozens of the singer’s followers expressed their happiness at the new sign of improvement, which indicated that the worst moment was over.

“All those details lift your spirits. They are signs that everything has been left behind… Come on, you can do it.”actress Judith Gonzalez wrote in the comments.

In another post from the same Saturday, in this case a video, the singer was seen walking again, with much greater ease than the day before.

Unlike the first video that Show him taking his first steps in the hospital, where he was seen from behind, guarded by health workers and with the help of a walker, in the photos published today Eduardo Antonio walks forward, without a walker and concludes his oath with an arrogant gesture that filled his friends with joy. Thousands of followers.

“I love seeing you now in your position! Everything will be fine! I love you,” Cuban actress Carmen Desi wrote amid a torrent of congratulatory comments and well-wishes for improvement.