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Alejandro Fernandez complains to the crowd in the middle of the concert

Alejandro Fernandez complains to the crowd in the middle of the concert

Alejandro Fernandez has given a lot to talk about in his recent concerts due to the state in which he performs. (Photo by Jordi Vidal/Redferns)

MEXICO CITY, September 28 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Alejandro Fernández made a strong claim to those attending his last concert and it was recorded on video.

In the photos that are already circulating on social networks, you can see Potrillo on stage performing the song “I Devoted Myself to Losing You,” one of his biggest songs, and although he was hoping that the audience would sing the song with him, he did not get the response he was hoping for. He expects it, which he doesn’t seem to like.

For a long time, the translator tried to interact with the people who gathered to see him; He even encouraged them to join him in the lyrics, and although many responded to the call, the majority preferred to remain silent, to which Alejandro responded with an ultimatum: “Are you going to sing or are you not going to sing?” He said . . “If not, I will sing there too (pointing to backstage),” he added.

After the singer’s warning, the audience issued a resounding “no”, while Fernandez merely made a gesture of disapproval, but continued the show.

But those who did not take kindly to the singer’s position were the network users, who did not miss the opportunity to inform him of his mistake: “He is the artist, he should sing”, “Well, let him not get paid” and everyone will pay him”, “Let’s sing”, “Now it turns out that The audience should give the show,” “Singing fees, don’t charge,” were some of the comments that could be read.

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In general, Vicente Fernandez’s son usually treats his fans nicely and makes them happy during his performances, so this behavior is not common for him.

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