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Miley Cyrus is worried about having a stalker hanging around her house

Miley Cyrus is worried about having a stalker hanging around her house

The “Flowers” singer went to court and obtained a restraining order against the 52-year-old man.

For many years, the former Disney star Miley Cyrus He has been the target of criticism regarding his eccentric behavior and controversial personal relationships. The level of fame and popularity he achieved 10 years ago has led to massive fanaticism that unfortunately sometimes leads to insanity. This was the case in 2012 At 19 years old, the singer had already suffered an altercation with a 40-year-old intruder When he was arrested trying to break into her house with a pair of scissors, he told police that he had been secretly married to her for years and that his name was Jason Rivera.

After 11 years, fearing for her safety and the safety of those around her after someone else’s recent acts of harassment against her, Cyrus He appeared in court this week and was granted a court order of protection against Alexander KardalyanA 52-year-old man says he is obsessed with the singer.

The straw that broke the camel’s back happened last August. Legal documents obtained TMZ They point out that the artist mentioned in her legal complaint that Kardalian arrived at her residence in Los Angeles a few days after his release from prison last month, and this is the third time he has appeared in total. Moreover, he claimed that the subject had sent him Spam messages since 2018

In which he expresses his obsession with her in detail, makes sexually explicit comments and asks her for money on numerous occasions. Since then, according to the translator, Kardalian’s manic behavior intensified in the summer of 2022, when he allegedly… He showed up at her house on two separate occasions. And he was thrown into both.

Miley Cyrus fears for her safety, the safety of her mother, Tish, and the safety of her boyfriend, Max Morando.

The artist also stated that the subject was arrested and imprisoned in December of last year, when he also sent her messages telling her that he would go to visit her immediately after his release, which he did despite the previous warnings she had given him before him. Security team from Cyrus.

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Kardalian, according to the singer, was using her home address for her health insurance and He threatens you that if you don’t call him again “he doesn’t care if he’s alive”.

The “We Can’t Stop” singer declared in her lawsuit that her alleged harasser is suffering “Serious mental health problems” She is a person who has a “dangerous fixation and/or obsession” with her life, as her behavior threatens her safety, the safety of her mother, Tish, and the safety of her musician friend. Max Morando.

Given this, the judge agreed and granted Miley a temporary restraining order against the person who did this It is prohibited to stay away from the singer more than 100 meters.As well as her home, car, and anywhere she performs.