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Marianne Pabon: “I know I will heal and move forward”

Marianne Pabon: “I know I will heal and move forward”

actress Marian Baboon She has always had the unconditional support of her family and friends, but she has faced the difficulties that life has imposed on her alone. He struggled to hold his daughter Ivana’s hand to give her the best he could give her.

“All my life I suffered alone”He said he shared. “I had my family, who always beat me, but with my daughter by my side I fought for her to have the best studies, the best education, so that my daughter would be a wonderful woman, and she is a wonderful woman.” “An amazing woman, it’s a wonder, and I did it on my own,” she repeated, without forgetting the help she had from her mother, her siblings, her cousin Lily García and her friends, who are also her family: Jorge Castro, and Rene. Monclova, Cristina Soler, Suzette Paco, and Julio Ramos. The life partner joined this battalion a year ago and is the best support for him in this process.

That’s why, when I learned of her breast cancer diagnosis (Her2K), I was worried for her, but even more so for her daughter. Last May, they danced like girls at Ivana’s wedding, and weeks later she had to be told that two cysts in her left breast were positive.

“It hurts me and makes me sad, because Ivana and I are very close. Ivana is my life, in fact I live for her, and I had a beautiful, happy wedding, so hitting her with this, because that’s what really destroys me.”She expressed her deep enthusiasm. “I know I will recover and move forward, but it’s about how I deal with it with her, how she can move forward and how she can’t live next to me, because her job is outside the United States.” States).”

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The artist learned of her illness about three months ago, after she felt a lump in her left breast. At that time I was in the middle of shooting a movie and rehearsing the comedy “Desvestidas”. She immediately called her gynecologist, Maria Bonin, and from there connected with radiologist Mayra Maldonado, of Vida Imaging & Breast Cancer, and finally oncologist Páez Vallicillo, who detailed the type of cancer and recommended treatment based on chemotherapy and antibodies. One year period.

When you grow up in life, they always tell you: “You have to enjoy every moment, every moment, because you never know what can happen.” Maybe it forced me to listen more, because I live life in a hurry, I live fast.

Marianne Pabon, actress

She told her daughter about it almost immediately, fearing that something would leak through social media. The news shocked Ivana and she soon arrived on the island. He accompanied her to the doctors and when they both learned that it was a curable cancer despite its aggressiveness, they were relieved.

The translator has already taken the first chemotherapy, the strongest of the seven to eight that they will give her, because it was double, and by far the most severe one that causes heartburn, because she has gastritis. She, who contracted cancer for the first time through her sister, said: “My digestive system is being attacked… Everything tastes bad, everything tastes like vinegar, I have no appetite.”

He knows that his hair will fall out, so he expects it and cuts it. “I don’t have a problem with that,” he said. “What I want is to come out of this process, come out of chemo, come out successfully, and be able to ring that bell and say, ‘I’m healed and gone.’”And for Ivana, she already has that security, because I told her so. I will be fine”.

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Cancer surprises her at a time when the mother is bedridden and begins to lose her memory due to senile dementia and her inability to be present in her care, as it had shaken her emotionally until recently.

Her mother saw her perform for the last time last year when she specifically performed “Walking Miss Daisy” (Alfred Uhry), the piece with which she will return to the stage on Friday, October 6, in the rehearsal room of the Santurce Fine Arts Center Theater.

“This piece, which is a wonderful piece, touches me a little bit, because it touches me so much because of my mother; Obviously the character of ‘Miss Daisy’ starts at 73 and ends at 97, and I’m a little affected by the process of seeing how life fades away and I see that in my mother,” continuing to highlight the camaraderie from the rest of the cast: Willie Denton and Jimmy Navarro.

No matter how traumatic it may be for her to be in front of a live audience again, this is what she wants to do, because acting has always been therapeutic for her, a lifeline.

I don’t know how to respond to the help they want to give me; People, I have no idea how to return the love and desire, people praying and wishing me wonderful things, telling me I’ll be okay, but my whole life I’ve done it alone. There has come a time when it is difficult for me to receive, because I don’t know, I like to give and I have always given, and my friends tell me: “You have to learn to receive”, and it seems that the time has come when I have to learn to receive

Marianne Pabon, artist

He said: “I know that when I go to make the piece I will have to receive all of this, because there are many feelings, but I do what makes me happy.”

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