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Dear HUI founding member says goodbye, after 25 years

Dear HUI founding member says goodbye, after 25 years

the program today It has been on air for 25 years, and while they are elegantly celebrating their arrival on viewers’ screens over that time, they surprised this morning with a video. Goodbye, dear collaborator. She joins the list of hosts who have passed the ranks of the hit Televisa morning show.

He is one of Founding members of Al-Sabah newspaper Sofia Villaloboswhich returned to the show in 2018, after Magda Rodriguez took over the project’s production. He said “goodbye” Thursday morning.

The What Everyone’s Talking About segment host indicated that it was Time to end your cycle in the morning Because he needed to give more time to his family.

I am leaving for personal reasons, because I need more time with my family.. I continue my evening news. “Sometimes it’s difficult to decide for yourself, because you feel like you’re missing an opportunity, because it’s work, but it’s worth making the decision and taking advantage of life,” he explained after Raul Araiza referred with great sadness to Sofía’s final departure. .

naturally Tears cannot be missed in an emotional farewell Sofia Villalobos burst into tears as the drivers hugged her and told her they were sad about her passing.

Sofia Villalobos said goodbye to Hoy / YouTube: Hoy

And in the midst of crying, Sofia Magda Rodriguez thanked the heavens for this opportunity as well as Andrea RodriguezThe current producer for the opportunity to return to Televisa after years of absence and having been an essential part of the program.

Finally, the drivers told her that the doors were open for her to return whenever she wanted, and she did not rule out the possibility of doing some of them Private posts In the future.

Sophia was part of the first phase of the HUI program 25 years ago/YouTube

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