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"Ah, but if it were the other way around"

“Ah, but if it were the other way around”

El Rebaño posted a photo claiming that the ball crossed the line in America’s goal

.’s official account Chivas Show on Twitter the image of the repetition in Save from William Ochoa He claims that the ball is supposed to have completely crossed the goal line of the goalkeeper’s goal America.

In the photo shared by .’s Twitter account Chivas They added the description “Ah, but if it was the other way around…” emphasizing that if the play had been for Azulcrema’s team, the scoring would have been different.

For his part, ESPN arbitration analyst Felipe Ramos Rizzo considered that Adonai Escobedo’s whistle decision was the right decision not to validate the goal.. “This is the most controversial play in the game, and I don’t see the ball coming in fully.”

After posting through an account ChivasHobby Guadalajara He began to criticize the measure, asserting that it was a legitimate goal for his team and accusing the jury of not having enough courage to punish the outcome.

In the same post, followers America s chivas They gave their opinions about the play, assuring that there was no clear shot, so they would not be punished otherwise, which is why there was no positive goal for the player. Guadalajara.

Shot by Sergio Flores, goalkeeper of the team AmericaGuillermo Ochoa responded to the goal line and rejected the ball, denying the annotation that had returned it to him. Chivas In the game, however, by repeating the play, controversy began to arise on social networks, considering that the ball had entered completely.

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At the end of the play, Adonai Escobedo González did not allow the match to resume, after a silent review of the play through VAR, which decided after a few minutes that the ball had not entered the ball. So there was no goal Chivas.

With the passage of the record, the play became the subject of arbitration controversy last night, after opinions were divided across social networking sites.