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Summary of the match between America and Chivas (2-1).  Objectives

Summary of the match between America and Chivas (2-1). Objectives

Mexico City /

The classic was for AmericaChivas once again left the Azteca Stadium which was defeated by some guilas who showed their strength towards 2-1 . win And remain the commander in chief.

Football has done various tests on Tanoneta which is progressing in all of them, Game after game it turns out that they are the favorites for Apertura 2022.

Chivas started the match very nervous, in just two minutes defensive errors were present Luis Olivas committed a penalty kick, which was executed by Henry Martin in a superb manner His tenth goal this season.

It was hard for the herd to shake that nerve, several minutes passed before they tried to hurt Memo Ochoa’s goal, the clearest of which was the play that Alexis Vega experienced with his speed and that Sebastián Cáceres, with a sweeper, grabbed the ball into the goal. region.

America has never been as superior to its competition as it has been on other occasions Or as in the Clasicos against Pumas and Cruz Azul, but It was enough for him to win.

So that defeat does more harm to the pride of the Rojiblanco, The second goal of the match was scored by Alejandro Zendegasan element that did not show when he was in Chivas what he is doing now and that is why they let him go at different stages until he reached America where He is a scorer and assistant.

With 2-0 against Guadalajara, they went to the front and then controversy erupted when the ball was He almost took it from inside the goal by Memo OchoaPlay reviewed using VAR and it was determined that the ball did not reach the Karim Blue goal line.

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Minutes after that controversial play came the goal that brought the herd closer to the scoreboard, Chicote Calderon scored the goal but only added more emotion to the match that didn’t disappoint And that the fans who filled the Azteca were able to enjoy the Clasico.

In the following days, these two teams will meet again for a friendly match in Atlanta, but will not be selected because it is a FIFA date.