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Advance payment, alert after changes in the private medicine system

(CNN Radio Argentina) – businessman Claudio BellocoptPresident of the Swiss Medical Group, on Friday at CNN Radio On the changes in the private medicine system he said that “the difficulties experienced by the sector are being repeated throughout Argentina as a result of inflation”.

in CNN Summer with Willy CohanThe businessman stated,Last year, it was confirmed that pre-service providers were increasing their fees based on an index and they worked on the increases in June, August and December and it was necessary to determine how it would continue in 2023.”

“The authorities have determined that this model should be followed except to generate a segment of the population that the government has defined as low-income which have a different refresh rate,” he commented.

And explain it In the case of private medicine, “there is no subsidy, as in the case of electricity and gas. The difference is privately made.”

He explained, “We accept this situation temporarily because it was necessary to set the 2023 schedule. But it will be sustainable as long as the development of these indicators, as history shows.”

For this reason, BiloCopt confirmed it If everything is managed within the normal bars, the system can last for a while to get out of the hyperinflation problem.

“The second element is that the registrations for this support are correct,” he warned.

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