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The BCS student will represent Mexico at the International Science Festival

With the Guaxoro eni (Friends of Water) project, biomarkers that treat on contamination detected in aquatic animalsrequester Yaretzi Moncayo Ledezma at the National Science Fair, held in San Luis Potosi, has been awarded the right to represent Mexico at the 2023 International Festival of Engineering, Science and TechnologyWhich will be based this year in Tunis next March.

high school student Mexico Bilingual Institute La Paz Calls to take care of the environment on the planet, because Most of the trash we produce ends up in aquatic ecosystems, such as the sea, rivers, and streamsAnd eliminate them.

With his scientific project, which was the winner of the Baja California Sur And in the national competition, Yaretzi showed that various pollutants threaten 15 of the 17 species of sea urchins found in our country..

Find out, too Species that live in the seas of Southern California, such as the whale shark, have arsenic waste products in their bodies that they absorb as they pass through mining areas.; Pesticides harm blue whales and nano-cell components have been found in shellfish, and even substances like caffeine and ibuprofen have been found.

Young Yarzi Moncayo He urges that we start soon to stop the actions that destroy the sea and its living creatures. It is essential, he said, that we implement recycling, that we do not waste resources and above all that we are aware that our rubbish flows into the oceans, causing irreversible damage.