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Otro hito de la ciencia cubana: Abdala con tres dosis, tiene una eficacia del 92,28 por ciento

Absorbed with an efficiency of 92.28% in three doses (+Voice)

Another Cuban science teacher: Abdallah with an efficiency of 92.28 percent in three doses (+ audio)

2021-06-21 22:13:04 / [email protected] / Demetrio Villarotia Zolota

Photos: Revolution Studios

Havana. – Once again the Cuban scientific community fills us with national pride when the Director of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), Doctor of Science Martha Ayala Avila, announced that After evaluating the results of the three doses of clinical trials of Abdullah’s candidate vaccine, its effectiveness is 92.28 percent, well above the requirement set by the World Health Organization (WHO), of 50 percent to consider it able to protect the population.

This news emerged during the meeting of the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and the President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdez, with a group of scientists from the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, just hours after another vaccine of our candidates – Sovereign 02-, will fill us with joy.

As soon as the news came out, the Cuban president confirmed in one of his tweets “With the joy of Soberana 02 2-dose efficacy, Abdala 3-dose efficacy will be an event that doubles as pride.”

Another milestone in Cuban science: Abdallah in three doses, 92.28% effectiveness

The clinical trial of Abdullah’s candidate vaccine was conducted with 48 thousand volunteers in the cities of Santiago de Cuba, Bayamo and Guantanamo, among the patients who developed symptoms.

To loud applause, the center’s workers received news of their dedication to Fidel, Raúl and President Miguel Diaz-Canel, 35 of the CIGB, the founders and volunteers who made this remarkable outcome possible.

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In emotional terms, the president commented on the pride he feels for being Cuban and for having his fellow citizens like them.

“We are excited by the scientific findings and the achievement of this country, which in less than 48 hours published two consecutive news stories that are scientific milestones for a small island.”

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Diaz-Canel repeated, the little forbidden island, which was shot to kill while we’re alive, among other things, because of these findings.

“I see it in light of the admiration we have for you and our gratitude, because with these things our people are saved, and with these things we contribute to the realization of the true conviction that Cuba saves lives in the midst of this pandemic,” he admitted.

The results are truly impressive, he assured the CIGB scientists who have been fighting for Abdullah for 13 months. In these findings, he said, there is a lot to say.

The head of state referred to the early days of the epidemic when “I was convinced that poor countries would not be able to provide vaccines in the short time the rich world was producing to give priority to the rich.”.

Another milestone in Cuban science: Abdallah in three doses, 92.28% effectiveness

“That is why I asked our scientists, convinced, while emphasizing that we can do this, that it is necessary for us to have Cuban vaccines to be sovereign in this situation as well.

In addition, he added, “Because we are one of the few who have vaccines to solve Cuba’s problems, and are thinking about how to solve the problems of millions in the world, using these same vaccines, especially the problems of the millions who have less and less. Today they live in uncertainty as to why the disease “.

You have given an answer in thirteen months, I repeat, in a country that was in the midst of a pandemic much more embargoed. The financial persecution intensified, they did everything in their power not to reach a drop of fuel, they did everything in their power to prevent the arrival of medicines.

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In the middle of that, not counting the millions that a project like this would take, we have these results.

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“This was saved only by your hearts, which are worth the millions and millions of reasons you were advocating because you were thinking of millions of Cubans and millions in the world who could benefit from that.”

This is a fact, as he reflected it, of the immense loyalty and devotion to Fidel’s founding thought regarding the development of biotechnology, and then to the idea of ​​improvement that Raúl had when he moved from budget planner to commercial planner; It’s also about honoring founders like Lewis and the others who are here today, the generations that have passed through and who have all grown with these results.

This 92.28, the president repeated enthusiastically, puts us at the forefront, an advanced level.

“Fidel, with this tremendous confidence that he had, said one day that this is a wonderful center that will have great scientific results. And this is a great scientific result that proves the greatness of this center and the devotion to that thought.”

On behalf of Cuba, congratulations.He concluded with a long applause.

Another milestone in Cuban science: Abdallah in three doses, 92.28% effectiveness

With this result, the effectiveness of 92.28 percent for the Cuban vaccine candidate Abdullah, after evaluating the three phases of the clinical trial conducted in the eastern cities, Permission for emergency use may be requested from the regulatory authority, CECMED.

A new result of the Cuban flag fills us with national pride, in spite of the embargo imposed by the United States on our country, a commendable effort of our government, also the result of vocational training during these years of the revolution, and above all, of the absolute loyalty of its heroes.

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