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Todo sobre el botox en verano: la medicina estética resuelve tus dudas

All about Botox in the summer: Aesthetic medicine solves your doubts

“The Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) recommends Botox especially in the summer, which is the time when gestures of expression are most prominent. Botulinum toxin is very effective at any time of the year and of course also at this time it is very effective in reducing wrinkles and other wrinkles on the forehead or Between the eyebrows, its primary use is to smooth wrinkles in the upper third of the face “- says Dr. Mario Arques, specialist in face and body rejuvenation at Arques Clinic (Marbella). For his part, Dr. Sergio Cordero of LeClinic explained, “Botox is applied year-round, but gains the category of star therapy when summer approaches because expression lines are more visible due to increased sun exposure.”

Doubts about Botox: answers Dr. Cordero

When should I apply it? “In order not to show a tired look or the appearance of an elderly person, the application should be preventive, that is, before the appearance of wrinkles that prevent their appearance. In summer you have to take into account that the skin suffers a lot from excessive exposure to the sun, sweat, etc. … so it will be Now is the best time.”

At what age can we start botox? “There is no age, every patient is different and therefore the formation of wrinkles is different. It may be at 25 in some cases and not necessary at 40 in others. The key thing is to know the patient’s gestures and the type of skin he has, because a person who tends a lot tends to form many Wrinkles, and someone with a little nod may never need Botox.”

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How is it applied? When should we make the final touches? “Your order is very simple. The product comes in the form of a suspended powder that the specialist dilutes in a physiological saline solution to be able to apply. It is loaded into a 1 milliliter syringe and is applied by microinjection at designated specific points. Prior to its application, the patient is required to nod, because although From the presence of fixed points, each patient is different, and it is necessary to know what wrinkles they form to inject them through small holes. Of course without anesthesia and in a very short time only 10 minutes. Regarding finishing operations, the ideal is to review after 15 days. Then it depends The duration of Botox on the patient but more or less between 4-6 months.”

Is Botox more uses? “He had them. In fact, now in the summer the application of poison to the palms of the hands and armpits with the aim of stopping excessive sweating is gaining popularity. A problem is more widespread than we imagine and is solved by applying Botox in a strategic way in the mentioned areas.”

Do you have any reluctance to go to the beach or pool during the summer? “The patient can go without any discomfort, no need to rest or there are contraindications to sweating. In other words, it has no adverse effects.”