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Foods to eliminate from a healthy diet

Foods to eliminate from a healthy diet

If we ask you to make a list of healthy foods, there are sure to be many foods that you will mention right away, because there are foods that you are sure to associate Follow a healthy diet. But we also meet those who are not. A priori, they have useful properties and become good allies of our character. But all that glitters is not always golden, and in fact, they are not entirely suitable for a complete and healthy diet, as shown by start D Smart Food Satisfactory.

Dr. Angel Soriano, nutritionist and Doctoralia member, agrees, noting, for example, that “Products to kneelAnd the Like yogurt or 0% gelatin, which is nothing more than an industrial food with many additives and little or no nutrients. Dairy products in general are very popular, but we must remember that healthy dairy should contain only two ingredients: milk and lactic ferments, and they should be white, so dairy products are colored and usually contain 15 grams of sugar per 100 grams or artificial sweeteners are not Good dairy products, ”the expert tells us, adding another example, cookies, even those recommended by some pediatricians, but, in his opinion, are not very interesting from the point of view of nutrition.

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