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A timely hit by Yasmany Tomás opened the roster for Los Mochis

A timely hit by Yasmany Tomás opened the roster for Los Mochis

First baseman L Sugarcane farmers in Los Mochis, Yazamani Thomas He continues his devastating start offensively and has no intention of changing his moment in the batter’s box. Cuban man He is an important pillar in the squad and the fact that he has been able to perform from the start is celebrated by everyone in the organisation.

For the current champions Mexican Pacific Bracket League Having MVP production in all its glory is something that gives another facet to a team’s offense. advertisements

On this day, October 28th. Sugarcane farmers in Los Mochis Received a visit from a group of Mayo Navojoa At the Emilio Ibarra Almada Stadium, where Yazamani Thomas He was lined up as a cleanup hitter and first baseman.

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Solo producer of Yasmany Tomás

Attack on Sugarcane farmers in Los Mochis He was present in the first half against starter Raul Carrillo. After a few back-to-back singles from Justin Dean and Eric Velea, Cuban came to the batter’s box to take his turn with two men rolling and one on the board.

The number is 1-1 Yazamani Thomas He punished a pitch that stayed up the middle by sending the ball to center field for an incontestable goal and bringing up Justin Dean from second to open the scoring with the first run of the game.

Turn, with this simple product Yazamani Thomas He has hit six RBIs so far this season and has also added his fifth home run at the plate in his last three games played.

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So far, after adding this single, Cuban has an average above .300 with five extra base hits, two of which are home runs, and an OPS of .802.