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Felix Perez shines as Charros win the Mexican League

Felix Perez shines as Charros win the Mexican League

The 38-year-old Cuban fired quickly by hitting a pitch by the third baseman Ricardo Serranohitting the record Jose Aguilar For his part, Japhet Amador ran to second base, all in his team’s 13th game, this time against Sultans of Monterrey.advertisements

Later, when the bottom of the third inning was played, Felix Perez He struck out but in front of the shortstop.

Later, the bottom of the fifth was fateful for “El Niño”, because with no runner on first, he hit a ground ball to third that forced teammate Amador and Antilles to first base to second.Esoic

Felix Perez continued his positive path

toA game with two on the plate, in the last part of the fifth inning and with the bases loaded, Felix Perez Using a fly ball behind shortstop, he was able to push Omar Renteria from third and Jose Aguilar from second, advancing Misiel Rivera to third.

AndIn the same inning he also stole second base and then failed to score. His three RBIs gave him away Charros Jalisco To be defeated Sultans of Monterrey 5×1Achieving his fifth victory in the championship, leaving him at the bottom of the championship standings Mexican Pacific Bracket League.

Felix Perez He was the one who stood out the most in the attack for the victorYesIn four visits to the plate, he struck out two batters, stole a base and drove three pitches toward the scorer so that his strikeout average rose to .220 and his on-base percentage (OBP) to .291.

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