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A source confirmed that Cuban boxer Andy Cruz will be imprisoned in Cuba

A source confirmed that Cuban boxer Andy Cruz will be imprisoned in Cuba

By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zas

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“I say apparently because, at this point, there are still those who insist that no. But I do it based on the sources who provide me with news, which I have absolute confidence in because they have never told me a lie,” Willy said in his direct speech, although he made it clear that it is very difficult to confirm any news inside Cuba, especially when the official authorities have not published any something about her.

The boxing expert added: “Logic has told me, based on all the conversations I had tonight with people I trust and know who have access to this information, that Andy has never left Cuba and is being held by the authorities.”

In dialogue with his followers, Willy noted that Andy did not appear at the recently concluded Playa Giron tournament and that his wife shared a photo with the fighter in the Dominican Republic on social networks, suggesting he could be there. However, although Willy emphasized that there is an explanation for this fact and that it will be given in due course, it is important to know that the boxer never left Cuba and is now being held by the authorities in Holguín.

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Clearly moved by the unfortunate news that Andy is still not free from the Cuban government, Willy asked his followers for understanding and trust in his page and in his words that everything that had happened would be explained very soon.

“The most important thing is to know that Andy is fine,” commented the boxing expert, as he recalled what happened with Guillermo Rigondo and Irislande Lara, who had gone through a similar situation in which they were arrested for leaving the country illegally, a purpose that they later achieved and were able to Success in professional boxing.

“I imagine the most that could happen to Andy is that he’s no longer part of the national boxing team, but you never know,” added Wylie, who continued his first-hand review of all the details of how the information flows. He shared on his page with followers, the origin of the same photo and the photo that the boxer’s wife posted on social media, the starting point for the hypothesis that Andy was in the Dominican Republic, which was later confirmed by his sources, including Matanzaro’s relatives.

“Some relatives still tell me it’s true that Andy is in Santo Domingo. But I have complete confidence in people who tell me the opposite (he is detained in Cuba). I could be wrong, but seeing what happens, knowing that they have Andy’s best intentions and access To the information, I think what they tell me. If I’m wrong, we’ll know in the next few days and I’ll see if my trust has been in vain,” Willie added.

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“I feel so bad on the inside, first of all because Andy was in Cuba when we were saying the opposite, based on the information we have. But the saddest thing is not that, because it’s part of what you do and you have to get used to the fact that these things are going to happen at some point in time. What, but I had hope of seeing Andy free, doing what he knows how to do best, which is the box and doing it professionally. There has been a lot of interest from important and influential people in boxing, and I would like to see all the Cuban boxers working with them.”

He concluded, “I know it’s not all lost, because Andy is a little boy and if Rigo and Lara go through something similar and today are heroes and are in their place, I think Andy can do it too.”

For now, we’re still waiting for the Cuban boxing authorities on the island to make an official statement of some sort on the subject of Andy Cruz and his current whereabouts, a situation that deeply worries his followers.