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A new payment method for buying fuel in Cuba

A new payment method for buying fuel in Cuba

Fincimex announces a new payment service to enhance and expand retail business through process computerization: “We have defined a development strategy that includes integrating a new payment method for fuel purchases into the Servicentros network: the rechargeable chip card. This innovative payment method aims to facilitate and speed up transactions and provide comfort and security to our customers.” The entity declares on its profile Facebook.

Implementation of rechargeable chip cards

As of today, May 29, rechargeable chip cards have started to be applied for fuel purchases at service centers. This new payment method represents an important step towards modernization and adaptation to new technologies in retail.

How to use reloadable chip cards

To make use of this convenient payment method, customers must follow the following steps:

1. Obtain a rechargeable electronic chip card

The first step is to purchase a free reloadable chip card from the FINCIMEX offices. Once the card is obtained, the customer must go to the authorized commercial establishments to load it and recharge it with the required amount.

2. Advantages of the reloadable chip card

The reloadable chip card offers many advantages to customers:

  • It allows you to recharge the balance as many times as necessary, without restrictions on amounts.
  • Provides stable operation without the need for electricity in the network or connection.
  • It does not require showing the ownership of the owner, which speeds up the purchase process.

3. The process of loading the rechargeable electronic chip card

The process of charging the reloadable chip card is simple and secure:

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  1. The customer gives the cashier the cash amount (CUP) they wish to load onto their card.
  2. The cashier inserts the customer card into the point of sale (POS) machine and selects the load option.
  3. The customer is required to enter his personal identification number and then enter the amount to be loaded on the card.
  4. A purchase receipt is issued and handed to the customer as evidence of the transaction.
  5. The customer can verify that the transaction has been carried out satisfactorily by checking the balance on the card and entering his PIN.
  6. In the future, the customer will be able to recharge his card again without having to purchase a new one.

4. Use a rechargeable chip card

Once the rechargeable chip card is loaded, the customer can use it at the various establishments where fuel is being distributed. This payment method provides convenience and security, allowing customers to enjoy a smooth and efficient experience.

5. Stay informed

In order to get updated information about this service and keep up with the news, we recommend our readers to stay informed through the official communication channels. In addition, we are attaching a list of FINCIMEX offices that are enabled for our rechargeable chip card delivery service.

In case of any doubt or claim, Customer Service is available to provide assistance:

You can also find on social networks:

  • Facebook: Official Cimex Corporation
  • Twitter: @cimex_cuba
  • Instagram: @cimex_cuba


1. What are the advantages of using a smart chip card at service centers?

The rechargeable chip card offers many benefits to customers, including:

  • The ability to charge the balance as many times as necessary without restrictions on the amounts.
  • Operation stability without the need for electricity or connection.
  • It is not necessary to show the ownership of the owner when using it.
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2. Where can I buy a rechargeable sim card?

You can get the reloadable chip card for free at the FINCIMEX offices.

3. How do I add credit to my reloadable e-chip card?

To load balance on your rechargeable e-chip card, simply follow these steps:

  1. Hand over the cash amount (CUP) to the cashier.
  2. The cashier inserts the card into the point of sale (POS) machine and selects the load option.
  3. Enter your PIN and the amount to be loaded onto the card.
  4. You will receive proof of purchase as evidence.

4. Can I check my balance on my reloadable chip card?

Yes, you can check your balance on your Reloadable eChip Card by entering your PIN into the Balance Checker.

5. Where can I use the reloadable e-chip card?

You can use the reloadable chip card at various establishments where fuel is distributed.