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This is what the next Etecsa recharge will bring

This is what the next Etecsa recharge will bring

The Cuban telecommunications company has announced its next international promotional campaign to recharge mobile phones on the island.

The offer will run from October 23 to 28 and will benefit customers in Cuba who receive a recharge from abroad between 500 COP and up to 1,250 COP, at the exchange rate still managed by Etecsa: 1 x 24 USD.

According to the information provided, the promotion consists, during the above-mentioned period, of customers receiving International shipping between 500 cups and 1250 cups will win:

  • The amount recharged to your main balance.
  • Additional 25 GB (all networks).
  • 3000 cups.
  • Unlimited internet from 12:00 noon until 7:00 am

The company specifies that money, data and unlimited internet rewards must be consumed within 30 days of receiving the recharge, while the main balance retains a validity period of (330 days) from the date of the recharge performed.

To take advantage of this promotion in Cuba, customers living on the island must purchase an international recharge using their USD account in their MiTransfer wallet.

“This international recharge offer does not apply to recharges made at MLC stores,” warns Etecsa.

New ETECSA recharge October 2023

according to CompanyThe financial bonus is not added to the main balance of the line because this is a gift offered by the company “but on the condition that it is used within a certain period of time.”

If users already have valid data, money and/or unlimited internet rewards and purchase this new offer, the resources will be pooled with the rewards of this promotion and the effective date is set to 30 days from the date of receipt of the promotion. Recharge, with expiry time at 11:59 PM Cuba time.

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Remember that the exchange rate applied by ETECSA is 1 USD x 24.00 COP. For example: If you purchase a recharge of 500 cups, USD 20.83 will be deducted from your MiTransfer wallet USD account.