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He said goodbye to his letter “A” and hello to his letter “A.”

He said goodbye to his letter “A” and hello to his letter “A.”

Avianca announced the renewal of its brand as part of the transformation process that the airline has been implementing for two yearsSpecifically since its exit from Chapter 11, which is the option it resorted to to financially restructure its operations.

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The airline stated that as of today, its brand bids farewell to the capital “A” and welcomes the lowercase “a.” This, as detailed by the airline, “As a symbol of a company that ceases to be for a few, to be a company where “heaven belongs to everyone”“.

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In this sense, the airline’s brand will be known as “avianca”.. “This is a change to which we come late, for example, if we compare ourselves with other airlines in the world. But we do it because we have to redefine ourselves, which is a fundamental point to change the brand and show how,” Adrian Neuhauser, CEO of Avianca, explained during a conference. Journalist: “We have transformed.”

He added: “The more than 180 days that our planes spent on the ground due to the pandemic were dark days. We knew that our airline, the connectivity of the countries and regions in which we operate, and the jobs we had created were at risk.” From disappearing. But it was also at that moment that we saw that it was not only possible, but necessary, to have a different Avianca.More open, closer, more accessible and more accessible to everyone. About two years later, this new plane appeared.”

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During the press conference, the company also announced some results and future plans. For example, Neuhauser stated that they hope to increase flights between Bogotá and the United States by the end of the year.

We currently have 600 flights per day, but our goal at the end of 2023 is to reach 740“, stated the CEO of Avianca.

On the other hand, the airline explained that the punctuality of its flights increased by 1.2 percent, moving from a compliance rate of 98.4 percent in 2019 to 99.6 percent in 2023.

In addition, Avianca explained the details of this Frequencies also increased from 135 in 2019 and currently 146.

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