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What is the best pickup?

What is the best pickup?

Toyota Tacoma vs Toyota Hilux: Which is the better pickup?


Toyota Tacoma is the best-selling pickup truck of this brand in the United States.

the gate canadiangearead.com He made a comprehensive comparison between the two cars. The first differences appear from the design, since the tires on which the trucks are installed are very different: Hilux He has a square-shaped one, instead Tacoma Designed with C channel frame Hilux It has more resistance, and Tacoma It is more comfortable to handle.

Inside the differences are more noticeable: instead Tacoma It has luxuries that are standard in America, and Hilux It’s designed for more rural environments, so it loses some comfort in favor of practicality.

Hilux Sport.jpg

Hilux, a car with a lot of mysteries.

Hilux, a car with a lot of mysteries.

Something similar can be said regarding the engine. although Tacoma Gains in horsepower, and Hilux It has more charging capacity, because it is expected to be used for work. Both trucks handle well off-road, however Tacoma It does this in its specific models like the TDR Pro.

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Finally, there’s a clear winner in reliability: Although both trucks are very durable and rarely see a mechanic, Hilux It is known to operate in harsh conditions and terrain, which Tacoma rarely encountered. This has led many fans to give it the legendary title of indestructible vehicle.


All of this highlights something that seems obvious: both Pickups to Toyota They’re very similar, but if what we want is action, then… Hilux He has no competitor. Meanwhile, if we have Pick up Will be used for walking across difficult terrain for fun, it is better to choose Tacoma.

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