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Costco: These are the new free membership services

Costco: These are the new free membership services

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Within the variety of supermarkets that operate in Mexico Different modalities can be found, corresponding to different consumer needs, because they are there from Self-service stores Small for customers who need fewer products and a quick purchase time than stores like Costcointended for bulk purchases and wholesale.

but A major difference is split to supermarkets Small and medium format, such as Bodega Aurrerá and Walmart Express, as well as Chedraui Respectively, from its great competitors, it is Use membershipsas its customers cannot access or purchase at the establishment without carrying Accreditation document identifying them as members.

How much does a Costco membership cost?

Memberships are offered for this store in different modalitiesAs it is intended families, individuals or companiesof which there are two types, golden or executive.

Both personal and business In its golden form it cost 500 pesos a year And the show Worldwide validityAnd Free membership at no cost And an additional one at 250 pesos each.

For its part, the executive card in its personal and commercial forms It costs 1,100 pesos per year It offers the same benefits as the basic version, but in addition It has a rewards program that gives back 2% of annual purchases Money to spend in the store.

Costco customers will have more benefits/archives

What benefits do memberships provide?

In addition to accessing items and discounts offered by various branches in the country, qCostco members have access to many additional benefits at no additional costas they are Tire calibration, preventive maintenance of hearing aids, audiometric examination and exclusive products for your website.

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What are the new features?

This year was implemented Two new benefits For Costco supermarket store customers, which consists of Optometry servicesWell, it has already been submitted. Occupational eye examination Free plus Lens cleaning and frame adjustment Free.