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Questions Danilo In PLD there are members with a “double agenda” |  AlMomento.net

Questions Danilo In PLD there are members with a “double agenda” | AlMomento.net

A partial view of a leaders’ rally held by the PLD party at its national home on Friday, May 26, 2023

Santo Domingo: A recent “swot” study commissioned by the General Secretariat of the Democratic Liberation Party revealed that between 32 and 35 percent of members of this party are willing to vote for Leonel Fernandez, the candidate of the Forza del Pueblo party.

Information to this effect was provided by Danilo Medina, President of the Democratic Liberation Party and former President of the Republic, during a meeting of leaders held on Friday at the National House of this party.

“Maybe they’re doing it out of ignorance, because a lot of people in the country think Lionel is still from PLD,” he added.

Although the gathering was behind closed doors and the press secretary of the Democratic Liberation Party did not mention its details, at the moment he obtained an audio recording of the former president’s speech.

In his opinion, this party should have one agenda that should focus at this moment on Abel Martinez being the next president of the country.

Asks to reduce efforts

Medina urged those attending the assembly to redouble their efforts so that in two or three months at least the entire world will know that the PLD candidate is called Abel Martinez.

He noted that a party with 3,300 intermediate committees and capable of carrying out 300 activities per week does not have to win the upcoming elections.

In his view, there are places where it is known that the PLD will win, but there are other places where “nothing is certain”, which must be duly identified in order to carry out special action there.

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“If you want us to return to power and to be able to bring happiness to this city and to be able to change people’s lives again, you have to dedicate this year that we left to PLD,” he stressed.

Medina reported on Javier García’s recent resignation as campaign manager for Belidesta candidate Abel Martinez. He also referred to his health condition, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer, for which he is receiving treatment in the United States.

Francisco Javier’s resignation

“Maybe there was a conflict between comrade campaign manager and comrade candidate, and comrade Francisco Javier preferred to make this decision, but he had nothing to do with party membership or work with comrade Abel Martinez… Let this be clear,”

There is no crisis in PLD

He pointed out that Javier will continue in the “Strategy Committee” and perhaps in other tasks that will be assigned to him in the coming days.

“There is no crisis within the party, enemies may try to take advantage of anything that affects PLD, but as I said, I don’t know if it’s the title or a phrase from a movie: PLD is true,” he added. the kill !!”.

Medina argued that “PLD is not easy to kill” and said that “every effort has been made to make us disappear off the face of the earth, but here we are vying for the presidency, and it hurts.”

Health status

Danilo thanked all the people who were worried about his health and assured: “I am also hard to kill.”

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(At this part of his speech he was interrupted by prolonged applause from those present.)

He explained that he is undergoing treatment that lasts at least two years, but that he is out of danger and “hypothetically healthy” and should take a lot of care of stress.

But he said he could give up intense political work only after March next year, when things would be decided in the PLD.

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