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“7 parties that were allies of PLD are already close to signing with PRM” |  daily listening

“7 parties that were allies of PLD are already close to signing with PRM” | daily listening

Although it will be at the 22nd Extraordinary National Congress, which will be held on Sunday 22nd October 2023, that the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Announces and approves alliance agreements with other political parties, groups and movementsIt is known that the government party represents a coalition of more than 17 political organizations.

Within the list there are some parties that Accompany the PRM in the 2020 elections Its main leaders are part of the government.

Likewise, organizations such as the Christian Social Reform Party (PRSC), which was an ally of the PRM in the 2020 elections, They are currently in talks to continue the alliance.

The reformist party joined the government party in supporting the Central Electoral Council’s decision to reserve 20% of candidatures. A decision that has been amended by the Electoral College.

Other potential allies of the PRM in the 2024 elections They accompanied the Dominican Party of Liberation (PLD) in the 2020 elections. This is the Movement for Alternative Democracy (MODA). the Christian Democratic Union (UDC), led by Luis Acosta Murrieta, “El Gallo”; Liberal Labor Party (PAL) and Civic Renovator (PCR).

Talks were also held as well the National Party of Civilian Veterans (PNVC); Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)Directed by Trajano Santana; Party of Liberal Reform (PLR), led by Onaville and Karina Ariste, sons of Amable Ariste Castro.

Those who return

The list issued by the PRM Alliance Management Committee Chairman Andres Bautista is chaired by the Dominicans of El Cambio (DxC), chaired by Senator Eduardo Estrella President of the Senate of the Republic. So is the Revolutionary Social Democratic Party (PRSD), headed by Labor Minister Luis Miguel de Camps.

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It is followed by the Dominican Humanist Party (PHD), headed by the current Director of the Directorate General L Community Development (DGDC)Elixido Paula. In this political organization is also the deputy of the Central American Parliament (Barlasín), Ramón Emilio Gorres.

Potential State Country, headed by the Director of the Southern Electricity Distribution Company (EDSOR), Milton Morrison. Dominica’s Green Party (PVD), headed by Antulin Polanco, who serves as president of the National Council on Population and the Family and Alliance for Democracy (APD)chaired by Max Puig, President of the National Climate Change Council.

he is too People First Party, headed by Antonio Martia senator for Santiago Rodríguez who, from his position as a legislator, supports initiatives sent by the executive branch.

Finally there Social Justice, led by Julio Cesar Valentin, Former Senator for Santiago.

This coalition is ahead of the so-called “opposition front”, a structure led by José Francisco Peña Guaba in the Forza del Pueblo party, from then until now The mass of parties that will unite in the municipal elections is not known And the presidency for the year 2024.

Fuerza del Pueblo was allied with PRM In the 2020 municipal elections.

The president of this political organization, Leonel Fernandez, after confirming that he would not rule out the alliance with the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), He denied that he was talking to join the election of the Purple PartyThis is after Abel Martinez denied any chance according to Fuerza del Pueblo.