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If you are denied a US visa, here’s what you can do to appeal the decision

If you are denied a US visa, here’s what you can do to appeal the decision

The American visa has become an obsession for many Colombians who want to travel to the United States, either for tourism or, in many other cases, to look for a better opportunity, because they do not find good options to develop life in Colombia.

Specifically, in the last hours, President Gustavo Petro’s proposal was announced, through the ambassador to the United States, Luis Gilberto Murillo, in which he suggested that Colombians who want to go to a North American country for tourism do not need a visa to make the trip. However, this request is not yet official, and even when it is, there is no guarantee that the US Embassy will give the green light.

And although there are many Colombians who have been able to obtain their visas without any problem, others have been rejected for various reasons, thwarting the dream of making their first trip to the United States.

In these cases, the portal visab1b2.com has made a series of recommendations for citizens who have been refused this document at the US Embassy in Bogota.

In most cases, when the US Embassy refuses the visa, The main recommendation is to re-submit a new application, and pay the corresponding fee again, to allow for admission a second time.

Sometimes, the request for this document is denied for temporary reasons, such as a lack of funds to ensure that all expenses for a visit to the United States are covered. In this case, the second order has a high chance of success.

Other recommended options if the application is rejected is to file an appeal for a refused visa. This appeal must, in most cases, be filed within 30 days of the notification of the visa refusal. If this notice is received by mail, the total appeal period will be 33 days thereafter.

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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, better known by its English acronym USCIS, will review appeals one by one in the event of visa denials for Colombians. This will be the last entity responsible for confirming the decision or, conversely, granting permission to travel as a tourist to a North American country.

With the current US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, visiting the country, Colombia’s international agenda was busy. For example, the meeting with the Colombian ambassador to the United States, Luis Gilberto Murillo, who took the opportunity to talk about the delays that occur in the visa process.

In this sense, we have learned that Colombia’s relations with the United States are one of its best moments, because the meeting on October 4 was very volatile. So much so that Murillo took the opportunity to speak on behalf of the thousands of Colombians who struggle daily with the visa process.

Although no immediate solution was offered, Murillo stated waiting times of up to two years, Blinken indicated he would review the problem with a magnifying glass to find a better solution.