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Edmundo González rejected the new exclusions imposed by Maduro: “We must restore the rule of law”

Edmundo González rejected the new exclusions imposed by Maduro: “We must restore the rule of law”

The Venezuelan opposition rejects the new exclusions imposed by Maduro: “We must restore the rule of law”

Venezuelan opposition leaders and parties on Wednesday denied this decision Loss of eligibility imposed by The general supervisorl, controlled by the system Nicolas Maduro, Against five politicians active in anti-Chavista formations who will now not be able to compete with them Popularly elected positions.

Presidential candidate for Democratic Unionist Platform (Democratic Unionist Party) – the main opposition bloc -, Edmundo Gonzalez UrrutiaHe expressed his solidarity with those punished: the mayor Elias Al-Sayeghformer representatives Thomas Guaniba And Juan Carlos Caldera And former mayors Jose Fernandez And Carlos Ocariz.

We reject the new exemptions for the Office of the Comptroller General, another example of the urgent need to restore the rule of law in our country.“, the former diplomat stated on his account on the social networking site X.

the Opposition coalition He condemned these measures “directed against members of the democratic forces.”

He added: “The regime insists on continuing to violate the human and political rights of the democratic leadership and all Venezuelan citizens, but it will not be able to separate us from the electoral path through which we will achieve, on July 28, the required change.” “Venezuelans crave it,” he added.

The presidential candidate for the Democratic Unionist Platform, Edmundo González Urrutia, expressed his solidarity with the sanctioned persons: Mayor Elias Sayegh, former deputies Tomás Guanipa and Juan Carlos Caldeira, and former mayors José Fernández and Carlos Ocariz.

This type of sanctions were systematically practiced during the Chavismo era, targeting popular leaders such as María Corina Machado, who won the opposition primary and is favored in the polls, but was not eligible to run in the July 28 elections in which Nicolás won. Maduro will seek a third term.

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Also on social networks, two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles Nicolás Maduro's dictatorship was accused of using the comptroller's officeAs the implementing arm of his repressive and anti-democratic vision“.

New cases of illegal and unconstitutional disqualification against colleagues without any crime, and even more dangerously, without the right to defenseThe opposition figure predicted that in the presidential elections scheduled for July 28, “millions” would vote to remove Chavismo from power, which it reached in 1999.

No matter what they do, or how they do it, nothing distracts us, and no one derails us from the electoral path. On July 28, everyone should vote!said Guaniba at X, where his companions made a similar invitation.

And so is the party Justice first PJ, in which three of the sanctioned individuals are active, considered that these measures constitute “A clear attempt to undermine the democratic process and unityto the opposition ahead of the July elections.

Two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles accused Nicolas Maduro's dictatorship of using the comptroller's office “as an executive arm of his repressive and anti-democratic vision” (EFE/Miguel Gutiérrez).

The group added: “We urge the international community and human rights defenders to condemn these actions and monitor the situation in Venezuela.”

The opposition denounced obstacles and attacks ahead of the electoral process in July, following the obstruction of candidate registration, and the interference of parties such as the Justice and Development Party, whose control was handed over through the courts to the dissident. Jose BritoHe was classified as collaborating with the regime.

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The Comptroller's Office, which announced today's exclusions on its website, did not specify the reasons for punishing politicians.

These exceptions are in addition to those Maria Corina MachadoShe is a prominent opposition leader and the winner of the October primaries, who will not be able to run in the presidential elections scheduled for July 28, since the Supreme Court of Justice, controlled by Maduro, imposed a 15-year disqualification on her in March. .

(With information from EFE, AFP and Europa Press)