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Public Works will build a highway connecting the districts

Public Works will build a highway connecting the districts

minister public worksThe Deligne Ascención in Azua announced that the government intends to convert the road from Guayabal, the municipality of Azua, to Constanza into a mountain highway with the aim of making trade between the southern region and Cibao more flexible.

The official toured the mountainous region of El Tetero, Guayabal and Padres Las Casas to start other reconstruction work in Highway Padres las Casas-GuayabalAs well as secondary roads and neighborhood roads for an amount of more than 400 million pesos.

El Tetero is a neighboring community located between Padre Las Casas and Constanza at a distance of 27 kilometers. He said that it was in the interest of President Luis Abenader that these two regions increase their agricultural and commercial activity.

“By the authority of the President, we are going to review what would be an extension of the Tetero route to Constanza, and we have come today on an expedition so that the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation prepares the budget (prior to site studies) to achieve what and the long-term desire of the residents of these congregations to stir up trade between them “.

He stressed that work to extend and divert the road from Altetiro to Constanza will be carried out with the central government’s own resources.

“What we are looking for is to establish a connection between the North and the South and vice versa that requires connectivity very much and is very rare in a relatively small country and at this point in life there is still an effective connection between the two major regions that the country has as in the North and South,” he said.

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On the other hand said Minister public works Delivery of seven homes to low-income families in the Los Mangos sector of Cienfuegos, in Santiago, and the neighborhood of Las Carmelitas, in La Vega.

It also delivered two more homes in the Los Corositos sector, Comendador Municipality, Elias Peña County. Ascension, who was accompanied by the Director of Social Programs at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, Yasmina Veras, noted that people have benefited from home delivery, and their lives have changed dramatically.

He pointed out that the housing program for the vulnerable is being implemented under the directives of President Louis Abenader, and is being developed through the Directorate of Social Programs at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.

He explained that initially an uprising is being carried out with people who really need to improve the conditions in which they live, and that the responsibility of President Abenader’s government is to provide adequate living conditions for the population.

He emphasized that this program had the support of the Santiago Provincial Government and the City Council. “These works are being carried out all over the country, and hundreds of houses are being built in different parts of the national territory,” he said.

Houses built from blocks consist of three bedrooms, living-dining room, kitchen, electrical installations.

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