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Vladimir Ceron makes announcements about transition and government |  Policy

Vladimir Ceron makes announcements about transition and government | Policy

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For the third day in a row since its announcement and less than a week after the leadership change, President-elect Pedro Castillo has been silent on the names of the team that will accompany him the following day. . The void in the spokespersons was filled yesterday by the Secretary General of Peru Lieber, Despite the fact that Castillo indicated they wouldn’t see him “not even as a state janitor”.

“Mr. Roger Najjar Kukali is the award proposal.”Cerrone said after noting that the role of prime minister would likely be taken over by a Peruvian Lieber member. Thus, he confirmed the correctness of the information provided by this newspaper in recent days. But he pointed out that the president-elect is the one who makes the decisions.

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In addition, Cerrone also announced that the former presidential candidate “He is a guest of the president to lead the transfer of the housing portfolio,” he added. The former congressman confirmed his role to this newspaper. However, their participation is taking place in a personal capacity, as elected members of the court of Somos Peru made it clear that they will not be formally involved in the administration.

The leftist doctor made these statements after leaving the Peru Libre store on Paseo Colón, where he met Castillo. This is his first statement to the press since the results were announced.

For political analyst Enrique Castillo, Cerrone made a show of strength. “I see many indications that the relationship between Cerrone and Castillo has not broken.”, Indicates. For him, these types of data are either mutually agreed upon or imposed by the former. On the other hand, political expert Omar Owapara points out that Siron worked on the thin line of difference between party and government.

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The key to understanding the relationship is the party conference that will be held on Saturday. Bench spokesman Alex Paredes, who is close to Castillo, indicated that perhaps after this meeting “we will have the Cabinet,” in comments to Channel N.


For Pedro Castillo, the day was full of meetings. He was greeted in the morning by the leader of the Alliance for Progress, Cesar Acuña, who indicated that his seat would support his administration’s rule. Although he also indicated that they would not be part of the government.

“I came to congratulate President Pedro Castillo. After that, tell him that he will have all the support of the APP table”As he left the meeting, he was accompanied by the spokesman, Eduardo Salhuana.

He also received, for the second day in a row, former candidate George Forsyth, who denied his talk about the possibility of his appointment as Minister of Housing.


On Thursday, the General Comptroller of the Republic issued a decision to expedite the transfer process. There it was established that the formation of the review team could take place from the day after the publication of the JNE decision announcing the results.

Thus, on Thursday, a first team from Peru Liberia contacted the Ministry of Health to begin these tasks. Despite the fact that Hernando Cevallos, a member of the health team in Castillo, announced that he was not responsible for transport in the sector, the record of visits to this bag reveals the names of the participants in the meetings: epidemiologist Antonio Quispi, former deputy Julio Castro Gómez, and former Minister Liliana La Rosa, among others.

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Cephalos criticized the amount of vaccines available for August, for progressing at a good pace. Minister Oscar Ugarte responded by noting that there was a timetable for delivery.

In the afternoon, a meeting of the members of the committees took place at the Lima Convention Center, where Castillo arrived.

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