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Álex Saab and lvaro Pulido, approved by the UK - Investigation Unit

Álex Saab and lvaro Pulido, approved by the UK – Investigation Unit

UK Foreign Secretary, Dominic Rab, just announced that Barranquilla Alex Saab, shown My figurehead, Nicolas MaduroHe officially entered the list of citizens accredited by his country for committing acts of corruption.

According to his government, Saab and his partner Alvaro Enrique Pulido, enriched themselves at the expense of looting two programs that sought to benefit the poorest population in Venezuela: the so-called CLAP funds and subsidized home building.

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Alvaro Pulido, Saab partner.

In fact, the punishment imposed by the United Kingdom is closely related to the process against Saab in the United States, under which extradition is sought green headHe has been imprisoned since June 12, 2020.

And although the UK did not provide further details of the punishment, EL TIEMPO proved that it had found a millionaire’s fund open in that country.

Through this, Saab’s current partner, Camila Fabbri, moved large sums of money until it passed through Italy.

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Alex Saab and Camila Fabry

This is one of the well-known photos of Barnaclero and his partner, Italian model Camila Fabri.

As revealed by EL TIEMPO, in December 2020, both Give As the British authorities followed the path of that money that passed as well Dubai and France.

In total, 1.8 million euros were seized.

“The actions we are taking today are targeting individuals who line their pockets at the expense of citizens. The UK is committed to fighting the scourge of corruption and making those responsible pay for its devastating effects.Raab said, according to the statement.

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In the same British government list were others implicated in corruption cases in Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and Iraq For “depriving developing countries of vital resources”.

Last March, the Swiss attorney general closed an investigation linking Saab to alleged money laundering, through offshore accounts.

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They are reviewing the constitutionality of rulings by the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, which have already made way for Saab’s extradition to the United States.

to part, Constitutional Court The Cape Verdean president released a document (dated June 29) outlining the reasons why precautionary measures – required of the UN Human Rights Committee – could not stop Saab’s extradition.

review that court The constitutionality of decisions of the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Cape Verde, who have already unleashed the extradition of Barranquilla.

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