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Using the air conditioner’s recycle button can be dangerous to your health

Using the air conditioner’s recycle button can be dangerous to your health

Whether you’ve owned your car for a day or a decade, you’ve likely seen it Air recirculation button on the plate. If you are not sure what it is, It’s the button with a pictogram of a car and a curved arrow in the shape of the letter “U”. this code It indicates that the air that is injected into the vehicle is recirculated through the cabin rather than coming from outside the vehicle.

It works well when you need to circulate cool air throughout the cabin on a hot day or warm air on a cold day. However, unknown to many drivers, This little button can be a health hazard if used incorrectly.

The air recirculation button is located in the vehicle’s air conditioning system.
Credit: Shutterstock

When you should not use your car’s air recirculation button

It’s normal to get into your car on a hot day and turn on the air conditioning to cool the cabin. One thing to note is that the car will automatically operate the recirculation button to circulate cool air. However, it is best to turn off the recirculation function for 10 minutes and allow the air to circulate and the cabin to cool before turning it back on.

because? because The air conditioner emits formaldehyde, which is dangerous to breathe. Formaldehyde and other potential contaminants can be removed by airing out the vehicle first and not recirculating the air. Later, you can activate the recycling function.

Another time to recycle adaptation In the car can be dangerous during the winter. Recirculating warm air back into the car when it’s cold outside can cause dampness and fogging of windows. As you can imagine, muddying the windows while driving can be dangerous.

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When is the best time to recirculate the air in your car?

While there are many times when recirculating air in your car is dangerous, there are many other times when the feature can be useful, for example:

– When turning on the air conditioner: As long as you have properly ventilated the vehicle for 10 minutes, you should press the recirculation button to circulate the air and keep the cab cool.

In a traffic jam: While you’re sitting in traffic, your car will be sitting in the middle of many other emissions harmful gases. Pressing the recirculation button will keep the fumes out of the car.

During allergy season: Hate sneezing in your car? If so, be sure to hit the recycling button during allergy season to keep pollen at bay.

– Soil Road: If you’re driving on a dirt road and don’t want all that dust collecting inside your car, hit the button.

Driving on a smelly road: Are you driving on a road that passes cow pastures? If that’s the case, you don’t want outside air in, so hit the recycle button.

Air recycling symbol.
Credit: Shutterstock

How does the air recirculation button work?

When you press the air recirculation button on the dashboard, A small flap moves to cut off the outside air intake when the function is activated. When the button is off, the lid opens to let outside air in. It is important to use this button wisely to ensure that your health or your vehicle is not compromised.

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